Random Musings Friday…

Happy Friday!  I have to tell you…this week absolutely flew by.  I think being out of the office on Wednesday really helped.  Or maybe it was the fact that I’m no longer leaving the house in the morning before the sun comes up.  Whatever it was…I can’t believe it’s already Friday and almost the weekend.  As promised, the random musings are back this week.  Enjoy…

  • I just watched Matt Lauer’s interview with Kanye West.  I have to tell you…I love Matt Lauer.  The guy is awesome.  The interview was typical Kanye douchiness and there is one moment where Kanye is going off about them running a clip of the VMAs while he was trying to talk and the camera pans over to Matt.  Matt has this face on and you can just tell he’s thinking something along the lines of “Is this guy fucking serious?  This has got to be a joke, right?  Please tell me that this is a joke and I’m not sitting here listening to this crap.”  Of course, Matt is a classy guy so he didn’t say any of that.  But seriously…why do people keep letting Kanye speak?  The guy is ridiculous.  Seriously.  Check out the interview here.
  • Speaking of ridiculous…have you seen Jerseylicious on Style Network?  I watched a marathon last weekend and I was…horrified…and fascinated…all at the same time.  It’s worse/better than Jersey Shore.  I feel like the cast of Jersey Shore know they are ridiculous.  But the people on Jerseylicious?  They are all serious.  In one episode they referred to a woman as a “total glamazon”, called a beauty seminar a “glaminar” and discussed how none of them knew how to tell time on a regular clock and always had to check their cell phones.  Also…all the girls look the same…even after two hours I couldn’t tell them apart.  If you haven’t seen it and are in the mood to lose a few brain cells…definitely check it out.  You’ll be dumber after, but you will be entertained.
  • Also speaking of ridiculous…we have a small porch off the back of our living room.  The only light switch for the backyard lights is in that porch area.  Sometimes, I forget to turn that light off and lock the back door after I’ve taken the dogs out at 5AM.  J is seems to think this is an open invitation for people to break into our house.  I think he’s nuts.  In order for anyone to get in that way, they’d have to walk around the house and down the driveway…then get through the gate that is locked and into the backyard…then they’d have to climb up the side of the house (there are no steps) and cut the screens to get onto the porch.  It’s practically impossible.  Trust me…I’ve locked myself out of the house before and it’s very tough to get in.  Of course, J used to double-check all the window locks on the apartment windows before we went out also.  You know…in case someone wanted to scale the side of our building on the off chance our 15th floor windows would be open.  Sometimes I think he’s crazy. 
  • I think I’ve told you before that my office is not in a regular office building.  We are in a brownstone.  Two adjoining brownstones, actually.  The buildings are shared by extended family and there is a hodgepodge of people here.  There are always random people coming in for the day or stopping by for meetings.  Last week, on the desk in the reception area  someone left their bag, a can of Diet Coke and an eyepatch.  I found this collection of things hilariously funny and, while I know it’s not nice, I couldn’t help but make a few pirate jokes.  Ever since, I’ve been on the lookout for the owner of these articles.  I have to see who is wearing the eyepatch…or rather, who is just casually leaving their eyepatch in random locations. 
  • There is a woman who has been clipping her nails on the bus lately.  Three times this week.  I find this gross and the clicking noise drives me nuts.  Also, I don’t know about you, but my nails don’t grow fast enough to cut them three times in one week.  Is it just me or is this nasty behavior?  Why do people think stuff like this is acceptable?

That’s all I’ve got for this week.  Have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget to have a glass of champagne!


  1. OMG I heart Matt Lauer too. I watched that interview the other day and then they had one where Matt Lauer explained that they always run clips of stuff during the interviews (like the Taylor Swift clip). Kanye sucks. Then there was a clip where Matt Lauer was like ok and we still look forward to welcoming Kaney back on Nov 26th when he does a concert in the plaza. I really want to know what was going the Matt’s mind when he had to read that. Love him. OK and I hate nail clipping too. My brother used to do it at the breakfast table before school back when I was in high school. Many fight insued.

  2. Yuck, clipping nails on the bus? THREE TIMES A WEEK?? ::puke::

    I was once trapped next to someone eating creamed herring for breakfast on the bus. When she finished, she pulled out a jar of noxema and began applying it to her face. It was like I’d been silently entered into a “who can stand the most noxious fumes being emitted from a single human” contest. Yours is the “squeamish noises” soundtrack!

    • Seriously??? Who does that? People are so unaware of their surrounding sometimes.

      I like the smell of Noxema, but the thought of creamed herring makes me want to barf.

  3. That Kanye interview annoyed me. He is so arrogant. Even in his apology, it had to be all about him, his way or the highway. Ugh. DOUCHE.

    And about leaving the door unlocked? I’m probably not the one to ask about that because I’m deathly afraid of being the victim of home invasion, so I’m overly cautious at our house. To the point that my husband thinks I’m a freak.

    Nail clipping on the bus in completely inappropriate. And three times in one week? What in the world is she clipping???

  4. My office mate clips his nails during work in my office. I HATE IT! Gross and not work appropriate. I can not let on that it bothers me though because that would just encourage him to do it more. Usually I try to escape to the bathroom or get water in a nonchalant way.

  5. Jerseylicious is like a car accident you know you should keep moving but you can’t help but stop, rubber neck and take it all in. I get stuck on it half the time and I continue to say ‘Are they for real?’ about 20 times. I hate that TV like this has taken over but at the same time if tv cameras wanted to follow me around and film me acting crazy for money I’d totally do it!

    Clipping nails in public is an absolute NO NO in my book and I used to be a manicurist!!! SICK! Do that shizz at your own house and make sure you pick-up the nails when you’re done! EEEWW!

    HAPPY FRIDAY!!! oxo

    • Sadly I think they are for real. If they aren’t, there are a lot of people out there that act like that and are for real.

      This is why I need my own reality show.

  6. WOW. And EWWWW. The clipping of the nails has to be stopped. I worked with a guy once who would do it in the office in his cube and I was always afraid of errant clippings getting in my hair. Ugh, that’s just so nasty!

    Ahhh, Kanye. He really serves up the douche. Did you hear the Bush interview where he refers to him as “Konway”? Twice? Hee.

    I might have to check that show out. I’m such a sucker for bad reality TV. Right now it’s the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So bad, but so right.

  7. If my laptop suddenly croaks due to the Coke Zero I just spit all over it reading about this person’s eye patch, you totally owe me a new one.

    I can’t help it. I’m not supposed to laugh. But eyepatches, midgets in suspenders, and nuns get me every time. I think if they were all 3 in the same place at the same time and I was there, I would spontaneously combust.

    Matt Lauer is absolutely fabulous and thus I married a man who looks just like him. *sort of* BFF Jess hates him, but like politics and religion, we just don’t talk about it because I will go to blows for my boy Matt…even with someone I’ve known 27 years. And Kanye is only around because people pay attention to him. Like that guy who was going to burn the Quran. Walk away and eventually they will go away.

    I am also blaming you for gossip/trash addiction I am perfecting. When Neal must contend with all things Jersey and TMZ, he is not going to be happy. But a girl should take a break from Churchill every now and then.

    And lastly, I am completely grossed about Our Lady of the Nails. I HATE the sound of people clipping their fingernails…probably even a little more than you hate to hear people chew. Mom’s friend does it and a lot of the time she does it at the dinner table. I throw up a little in my mouth every single time. That woman really knows how to ruin a perfectly good tiramisu.

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