A good day…

I was in a major funk on Tuesday.  I’m not sure what the hell was wrong with me but every single thing that happened that day annoyed me.  Irrational things…like someone in my office using the shredder or hearing the doorbell ring.  In the afternoon I called J and he told me he couldn’t talk…that there were people in his office…and I got irrationally angry.  I mean, he was at work and he was busy…he was kind of a douche about it, but still…it wasn’t crazy for him to say that. 

Things didn’t get any better when I got home that night.  In fact, after the bus ride from hell where we got stuck in traffic and the woman next to me smelled like BO and bad breath, I think my mood was actually worse.  In an effort to comfort myself with food…I know, such a healthy reaction…I decided I wanted McDonald’s for dinner.  Well…McD’s was a severe disappointment after my fries were soggy and cold and they were out of sweet & sour sauce. 

By the time my neighbor rang the doorbell at 10:30PM, I’d completely lost my mind.  I’d had a melt down about my fries and I yelled at J because he hadn’t intuitively known to get me ketchup, even though I rarely use it.  After J talked to our neighbor for half an hour about our driveway situation and I ranted about what an asshole the neighbor was for another half an hour, I decided the smartest thing to do was to go to sleep. 

I got to sleep a little late yesterday because I didn’t have to go to the office.  My boss owns a farm upstate and we were having a workers’ compensation audit and site visit there yesterday…so I finagled my way into that meeting.  A day outside in the fresh air beats a day in an overheated office anytime.  Also, there are dogs there and a day spent playing with dogs is even better.  So I got to sleep in and then drive upstate…with the radio on…singing loudly.  That always seems to put me into a good mood.  I heard Dynamite by Taio Cruz three times on my way up (it was an hour drive) and I love that song.  I sang along and danced in my seat.  It was lovely.

I did get a few…dozen…phone calls from my office and immediately upon my arrival I had to go into the farm manager’s office to take care of a spreadsheet and an expense analysis.  But my good mood stayed intact.  I had a really nice day up at the farm and I got to go home a little early. 

I’m still in a pretty good mood today.  Work is going to be hectic for the next two days, but I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.  My neighbor has convinced J that they should cut down a tree on Saturday so my day of cleaning is on hold.  Instead, I get to hang out on the couch and watch movies and pretend that J isn’t climbing a tree with a chainsaw. 

What is everyone else doing this weekend?

Also …I’m guest posting today at The Twenties Roar…make sure to stop by!


  1. Climbing a tree with a chainsaw – SO scurry!!! Be careful J!

    Maybe it’s something with the course of the moon because for the past few days EVERYTHING is driving me up a wall. Like you said irrational things. The smallest thing will set me off like I’m about to kill someone… it’s like REAL WORLD RAGE instead of Road Rage!

    I’m not sure about this weekend other than having to clean the house from TOP to bottom, and watch the BAMA game on Saturday. Otherwise I hope it’s full of RELAXING and you know outdoors sounds like a great idea, thank you for the tip! ox

    Have a great weekend chica!

  2. I blame J and his disturbance of DWTS on Monday night…and his threat of weekend cleaning, of course.
    Glad you are in a better mood – have a great weekend!

  3. No sweet and sour?!!? What’s the point of getting McDonald’s if you can’t have the proper sauce?

    Hope your good mood sticks around!

  4. Sometimes all it takes is some time away from the city, eh? I have found that the days I visit the fam in upstate NY (which isn’t REALLY upstate, but to any New Yorker, anything north of Manhattan is upstate, right?) my mood is always significantly better. Seems like the fresh farm air did you some good and I’m happy to hear that :)

    LMAO @ J in a tree with a chainsaw. Hope that goes well (and maybe he’ll forget all about that cleaning marathon he had planned this weekend??)

    I’m still in my pjs. At 1:15 in the afternoon, catching up on blog reading. Love. *Might* try to score tix to see DMB @ the garden tonight. Or rent a movie. Either way, I love lazy weekends :) Hope you’re enjoying yours, Shana!

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