Wordless Wednesday…

I have a lot to tell you about my trip to Georgia…like the fact that Allyson’s accent gets much stronger when she’s had several cocktails.  Of course, after three martinis, I picked up a bit of an accent myself. 

However, before I tell you I thought I’d show you…

(Please excuse the quality of some of these…they are from our cell phones.)

Happy Champagne Friday!


Yes, we drank mimosas in the car upon my arrival...Allyson is a good hostess like that.


The fish were so much more interesting after a bottle of champagne.


A sea dragon...the picture doesn't do it justice...it was so pretty.


We made a new friend at World of Coke.


These might have been our only alcohol free drinks all weekend.


We took a pre-dinner stroll through Centennial Park.


That's where we found this guy...on the left...with his junk hanging out...which we found hilariously funny.


A quick rooftop picture before we headed off to Savannah.


A biker Chihuahua with sunglasses...by far the cutest thing in Savannah.


Getting our fortunes told by the Zoltar machine.


The big costume reveal...yup, I was a witch. I felt it was sort of fitting for my personality.

We had a blast getting dressed up.


This guy had no shame.

Ally with Gumby.

Even Jesus loves Savannah.


During our hearse tour we toured a burned out house that was totally haunted...notice the orbs over Allyson's shoulder.


Sunday started out here...Paula Deen's. Hey y'all!


I wish I could say that I didn't eat all of this...but I did. That woman really knows her stuff.


Luckily, brunch was followed up with a walking tour...at least I burned off some of those calories.


My first experience with shrimp and grits...which was delicious. I think I gained at least ten pounds on this trip.


We made a quick stop at Bonaventure Cemetery on our way out of town on Monday.


It was so beautiful there...I wish we'd had more time.

Wow…that was longer than I thought it would be.  Still with me?  Great…now, please stop by Magnolias and Mimosas…Allyson is doing the big reveal of her Pink Campaign results.  As a bonus, you’ll get to see me in my new hat.  I have to say…the results of the campaign are pretty amazing.  I was so excited that she let me be a part of it. 
And make sure to come back tomorrow…when I’ll tell you about how I stalked a sax player on River Street and Allyson had a near-lesbian experience.


  1. OMG. That was the PERFECT teaser!! I love, love, LOOOVVEEE it! And I’m hijacking a couple of these photos for my personal files. I can’t wait to hear your rendition of what went down because you KNOW I don’t remember it. It will be like it’s happening all over again for the first time. Sweetness!

  2. You gals look like you had SO much fun! I find it TOO funny that Allyson and I went as the same thing!!! We didn’t discuss this at all that I can remember but as you can see from my post about Halloween I don’t remember a lot of things. Like the fact that I got vodka in my eye… some girl tossed her drink @ her boyfriend and it hit ME instead! LOL

    You girls rocked Savannah – that Lady and Sons meal looks AMAZING!! TOTES JEALOUS!

  3. Looked like a lot of fun…mimosas AND Paula Dean?? That is my kind of fun!

  4. Guh. I’m soooo jealous! I looks like you girls had a lot of fun.

  5. I love your witch hat. Also that Paula Deen food looks awesome. As well as the shrimp n grits. Those are my fave.

  6. Looks like you had so much fun! Maybe it would be better if that guy did have some shame…

  7. That looks like so much FUN! Glad you girls had a blastorama.

  8. LMAO! I love your teaser for tomorrow :) These are GREAT pics!!! Awww, looks like you girls had a fantastic time.

    I love anything haunted so that hearse tour sounds right up my alley (and any time I visit a haunted city, I always take about 100 photos in hopes of catching some orbs).

    Love your costumes :)


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