Why I’m a jerk…

I had to work late last night and I was really tired when I got off the train.  I walked to the parking lot and, of course, no J.  I called the house and there was no answer.  I figured J was on his way and would be there any minute so I started walking up the hill…just as it started raining.  Actually, pouring would be a more accurate word.

I was not happy. 

J called and said he was on his way but he couldn’t get out of the driveway.  Apparently, the neighbors were having a party and one of their guests was parked in front of the driveway. 

The neighbor has been working my last nerve since the weekend…when he cut several branches off one of our trees because it was dropping flowers in his yard.  Never mind that he hasn’t cut his grass in three months…but the flowers were a problem.  Anyway, we’ve been over the driveway thing before and now his inconsiderate behavior was causing me to have to walk in the rain.  He moved right to the top of my shit list at that point. 

J finally made it to pick me up and we drove back home…to find that the same guy had parked in front of our driveway again.  I got out of the car like a lunatic and went stomping over toward their house, but J stopped me.  He went over instead and was far nicer about it than I would have been…which annoyed me even further. 

A while later, I was sitting on the couch being pissed off and cranky when the doorbell rang.  I hate when the doorbell rings because the dogs go nuts and bark like crazy  and jump around.  J said it was probably the neighbor.  I started bitching…loudly so that he could  hear me…that of course it was the neighbor because he was rude like that and didn’t mind ringing the doorbell at 9PM. 

I stomped my way to the door and opened it to find…

My neighbor standing there with three huge plates of food.  He felt bad for the inconvenience and figured I was tired from getting home so late and wouldn’t want to cook dinner.  So he brought us some of the food his wife made for the party they were having.

I felt like a total douche.  There I was, bitching and being mean and he was standing in front of my door, in the rain, to bring me dinner. 

Let me tell you…the food was delicious…homemade Middle-Eastern.  I stuffed myself and only stopped eating because I absolutely could not eat another bite. 

Tonight, I’m going home and baking something to bring over there so I can feel less like a jerk and more like the nice, pleasant neighbor that I am.


  1. How bad is it that my first thought was “I hope the food wasn’t laced with anything…”?

  2. He totally made up for the inconvenience I think! Good food is the best way to apologize.

  3. Ha, that’s funny. That was really nice of him to bring food but yeah I would not have been expecting that and probably would have been bitching about him too.

  4. Awwwww, how very sweet! Though given the situation I would have done the exact same thing. But I’m very glad that he was able to make it up to you by bringing over some food. I’m hoping there’s a truce in the works and that they are actually kind and considerate neighbors–lord knows you could use some of those after some of the experiences you’ve already had!

  5. I only have one thing to say. Shades of the mother. LOL.

  6. So….this is why I’m a bigger jerk than you are and make you actually look like Mother Theresa…

    I think him bringing you food was the LEAST he could do for that (I get really territorial about my trees so that would have been the final straw for me) load of inconsiderateness. I mean…kudos for it being Middle Eastern because YUM!! But really…I would expect nothing less. That makes me a flaming Bitchy McBitcherson. And I’m totally OK with that. And Neal would have done EXACTLY what J did.

  7. Who are these people that congregate and celebrate during the week? Maybe Chris Columbus’ descendants?

    I’d have done (probably already have done) the same thing. Been bitching and pissy and then turn on a dime when someone dangles a piece of bacon in front of me. You are completely normal.

    Unless I’m not normal, then you might be in trouble.

  8. we all have those kinds of days, glad to see it turned out in the end.

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