Wordless Wednesday…

First, I apologize for my absence yesterday.  There was traffic and the bus was late and then it broke down and we had to change buses on the highway in the pouring rain…long story short, I got to work really late.  Once there, all hell broke loose and…well, it was ugly at the office yesterday.  So I never got to post the photos from baking class.

Well, lovies, it’s tax time again.  I know you are all like “But it’s not April!” and to that I say you are correct…it’s not April.  But tax returns can be extended for 6 months…which means they are then due October 15th.  Which is next Friday.  Which means it’s really busy at work. 

So today’s post is going to be short and sweet.  Very sweet…and delicious!  These are the lovely creations we made in baking class this past week…

The first was a white cake with lemon coconut buttercream and raspberry filling…

The second one was a chocolate pecan cake with chocolate fudge icing…

I take no credit for the fancy swirliness of the frosting…that was all Marisa.  I must, however, take credit for that horrible picture that makes the cake look completely lopsided.  It totally wasn’t.  Someday I will learn how to take a proper photo. 

Both cakes were delicious.  Amazingly enough…the chocolate frosting kept jumping right out of the bowl and onto our hands…where we were forced to lick it off…

I think Marisa is unhappy with me for always putting pictures of her up here but none of myself.  I’ve been avoiding the camera like a disease…those white aprons are not flattering at all!  But I promise I’ll let her take one of me this week. 

It’s amazing to me that even on wordless Wednesday I have managed to write over 300 words.  I suck at following rules. 

Back to the taxes!  See you tomorrow…


  1. Those are beautiful cakes. You are really making me want to take a baking class.

  2. Good luck at work! Love the pictures and HOLY GOOD LORD those cakes (the raspberry filling one in particular) look awesome.

    Agree with JM–I’m tempted to take a baking class (never did quite have a knack with it).

    HEY! The sun’s out today :)

  3. Great. Now I want a slice of cake for breakfast. Those cakes look insanely delicious. Job well done.

  4. Mmmmmmmmm both of those look amazing. Especially the second one!

  5. Just wait until I get a hold of that camera this week,SIL! You’re in so much trouble!

  6. I would kill for a slice of the coconut cake! YUM!!!!


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  2. […] the pastry class at ICE – Completed 10/8/10…which you can read about here or here or […]

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