If my head wasn’t attached…

I tend to be a little forgetful sometimes and today…well, today is no exception to that rule.  I ran out of the house to catch the bus…late as usual…and I completely forgot my wallet.  My wallet that I took to the Giants game last night, but left in the car because I didn’t want to have to hold it.  My wallet that I completely forgot about when we got home last night and is still in the car, safely tucked under the seat where thieves won’t see it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see it either and I didn’t check for it before I left and now I’m sadly without my wallet…and more importantly, the credit card I was going to use to do some online shopping at lunchtime.  Maybe the universe is trying to tell me I shouldn’t be spending money???

I also forgot my camera, which has pictures of the two amazing cakes that Marisa and I made this week at baking class.  They were gorgeous pieces of culinary genius that tasted as good as they looked.  Seriously…the assistant chef called us the power team and told us we should open a bakery.  I was so excited to show you all our lovely handiwork.  However, the camera is on the dining room table where I put it down after showing J the photos. 

I’m batting a thousand today.  Luckily, I did remember to take the leftover cupcakes that I baked for the party I went to on Saturday.  They are s’mores cupcakes…graham cracker cake with marshmallow filling and chocolate frosting…delish. 

So speaking of the Giants game…despite the chilly temperatures and the steady rain, we had a good time.  In honor of breast cancer awareness the turned the stadium pink last night.  There were pink banners all over and they handed out pink neon necklaces to everyone.  All the players wore pink accessories…and by accessories I mean chin straps and sneakers and wrist bands and arm bands and those towel things that they hang off their pants…which I thought was awesome.    They did a tribute at the very beginning of the game…which we missed because we were late…of course.  But it was nice to see that every single player participated and had on something pink. 

The kid sitting next to me was really excited to be at the game, but I think it’s possible I knew more about the game than he did.  Which is saying something…let me tell you.  He kept yelling “Go D”, which I’m assuming meant defense, but he yelled it even when the Giants were on offense.  I think he was confused.  He also elbowed me in the head several times with his overly excited fist pumping.  Fist pumping was entirely unwarranted, though, because the Giants are terrible and the game was kind of boring.  Well…boring until we left after half-time.  Then it got interesting and the Giants actually started playing like professional football players, instead of a badly coached high school team.  Anyway…not the point.  I’m not sure what the point was.  You know…other than the kid next to me was kind of a dork.  Oh…and J and I are now so old that we can’t tolerate a little cold and a little rain, so we left at halftime.  We’re lame.  We know. 

Speaking of breast cancer awareness…Ally is launching The Pink Campaign today on her Daisy and Elm Facebook fan page.  She’s going to be showcasing a new pink jewelry item each day and donating part of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Make sure you go over there and check it out.  Her jewelry is gorgeous and it’s such a great cause.  She’s running it every day from now until October 28th and I will be helping her announce how much she’s raised when I go visit her at the end of the month. 

I promise I’ll be less forgetful tomorrow.


  1. I will definitely check out Ally’s site–lots of October birthdays so I’m hoping to find a little something for one of them (or for myself, that’s always a strong possibility, too). I also love that the players at the game last night were wearing pink. That’s wonderful :)

    I want to see pics of your baking class creations! Sounds like fun. Don’t worry about running around with the detached head. I feel like that ALL. THE. TIME. But Mondays are especially difficult for remembering things.

  2. i dont know how great they looked but they were both really outragous i really liked the choc cake w the pecans

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