I love NY…or not…

A few weeks ago I made a comment about being in a cab on Park Ave and Cher was all “How can you talk about being on Park Ave like it’s no big deal?”.  The thing is…I know it’s a big deal.  I know that I’m lucky to have amazing landmarks and fabulous shopping and Broadway shows and terrific restaurants all at my fingertips.  I really do love living here…usually.

However, sometimes…when there is a horrendous accident on the George Washington Bridge that backs up traffic for miles and the UN general assembly is in session and streets are closed everywhere and President Obama is coming to town and they are filming a television show on my block and it takes me 2 1/2 hours to make the trip from my home to my office (which should only take about 30 minutes)…on those days I hate living here. 

UN general assembly is bad.  Really bad.  Cops everywhere.  Streets closed.  Frozen zones.  Random security checks.  It’s a giant pain in the ass.  Last year, on a day the president was in town to address the UN, I got stuck in a frozen zone on my way to the train station.  The cops wouldn’t let us cross the street because the president’s motorcade was going to come through.  I ended up missing my train and he never even passed by.  This morning I got stopped again.  I’m not sure who was in the car, but there was a guy hanging out the window with an automatic rifle.  Awesome! 

Personally, I think they should move the UN to the middle of the desert where there are no people trying to get to work or go about their day.  I would imagine it would be easier to control security and they wouldn’t fuck up traffic for everyone else!

Commuting this week has sucked so far and President hasn’t even gotten here yet.  I can’t wait to see what kind of travelling nightmare that will cause.  Also…yesterday they changed our office around.  Before there were two of us sharing a decent sized office, but we just hired someone new.  They decided that there is no other space in the building, so they just shoved another desk in here with us and stuck my desk in a corner.  So now…instead of being next to the window with space to move around, I’m sitting in the corner like I’m in time out. 

Needless to say, I’m really cranky this week…especially today.  I’m hoping to get into a better mood, but I’m guessing that won’t happen until the weekend. 

Anyone else have a horrendous commute or having a bad week?


  1. I hear you lady. We had the G8/G20 summits here this summer and downtown Toronto was basically deserted because people didn’t want to deal with the security and traffic nightmares. I wrote a little post about it http://thetwentiesroar.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/summit-anyone/ and one of my thoughts was – just have it in New York everytime – the UN already meets there after all New Yorkers are used to the traffic and the hoopla. And while it would be far more convenient to have all these people meet on an island, or at an army base I stand by the argument that they are in a public place for a reason, so we all need to just suck it up when it’s our turn.

    But traffic nightmares PLUS being put into a time out in your office – that’s just unfair. At least it’s Wednesday and you’re almost halfway to the weekend!

    • I just read your post and I do understand the need for these things to happen in public places. I also fully support the rights of people to protest…although what happened in Toronto was horrible. But protesters are not the issue in this case. Protesters wouldn’t bother me. My issue is the traffic nightmare that is created because of all the security and the way these people just run around the city willy nilly. I get that they have to eat, but why should my day be disrupted because the president of France likes the restaurant downstairs?

      And while this week is worse than normal…traffic around the city is always a nightmare and it makes living here just a little bit less fun.

  2. That is not nice that your work put you in time out! I guess the good side of hiring a new person means your company is doing well and is not laying people off? I assume that’s the case but maybe not. And if that’s is the case it still doesn’t give your space or window back. :(

    • I just realized I did something that sometimes drives me nuts. Sometimes you just want to complain and be grumpy and you don’t want someone to be like “cheer up!” or “look on the bright side”

      So what I meant to say is sorry that life sucks sometimes, play a sad song, cry, throw a tantrum, whatever it takes…

      • I appreciate the attempted cheering. My job situation is a whole long post in itself…one that I’ve been delaying because I’m not sure how it’s going to end right now. And it is good that they hired someone because we need the help. But the guy is a tool and I’m in time out and there is traffic and today sucks! I’m going to put some music on but of the happy variety and hope that it cheers me up some. Thanks for pointing out the bright side…I needed it!

  3. This is just how I felt living in Hollywood a lot. Like…I’d bitch because it took forever for me to get home because the street was closed for a movie set. It was annoying whereas to other friends of mine, it could have been considered cool.

    My commute is never horrible. I live 4 miles from work and there are about a million different ways I could get here. My morning irritation is just directly related to how many people are in line at the local Starbucks when I get there.

  4. Well. You have improved my outlook on my own traffic. We just have every tourist under the sun cramming our streets but there are no frozen zones and weird political crap happening.

    If you’re not by the window, who will be on Orlando watch for us?

    • I know, right? It’s unacceptable. Which is why I decided this afternoon I’m moving to the desk by the window. Fuck the new guy…let him sit in time out all day.

  5. Awww, I’m sorry to hear that Shana. Let me just say that I share an office with one other girl presently (though they are moving in a second girl soon) and… well, it’s not easy! But being put in the corner sucks.

    It’s not been a great week for me with the commute either, though I guess I shouldn’t really complain. I made it in an hour late though the other day on account of path problems. Boo. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the rest of your week is hassle-free!

  6. I can’t stand when traffic gets backed up, causing me to be 15 minutes late, but over two hours?!?! That blows my mind. I cannot even imagine how frustraing that must be–I’d go crazy. You make a valid point too. WHY, for these events where security is such a huge risk, are they not just taking everyone to some deserted island somewhere; no people = no security risk!

    Work put you in time out?! WTF? If anyone should be sitting in the corner, shouldn’t it be the newb?! I’m sorry, hon, sounds like a bad week all around.

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