Random Musings Friday…

I woke up yesterday and my first thought was “Yay, it’s Friday.”  My second thought was “Wait…shit…it’s only Thursday.”  It was very disappointing.  But now it finally is Friday so…Happy Friday!

This week’s random musings…

  • I constantly second guess what I write here.  I write and then I read and then I re-read and then I edit and then I read again and then I finally publish it.  Generally, 15 minutes later I start thinking “I really could have said that differently” or “Oh…maybe I should have written this”.  I never think it’s funny or clever or detailed or heartfelt enough.  I really have to stop doing this…it’s mentally exhausting!
  • The other night I went to pick up a pizza and ran into the grocery store really fast to grab a bottle of soda for J.  Well…I thought it would be quick.  I was wrong.  There is only one express lane at this particular grocery store and it’s a self-checkout lane.  A couple jumped in front of me as I was walking to the lane with my single bottle of soda.  They had three cases of water, but I didn’t think anything of it and figured it would be fast.  They scanned their water and  hit the pay button and then…they pulled out a bag of dimes.  DIMES!  That had to be inserted into the slot one at a time.  To pay for three cases of water!  Let me tell you…they had to use a lot of dimes.  It took forever.  It took so long that I actually got onto a regular line behind a woman with a cart full of groceries and I was done faster than the people with the dimes.  I guess I should be happy that they weren’t using pennies!
  • I was reading some information about donating blood…you know, gearing up for my big donation…and I discovered that gay men cannot donate blood in NY State.  Neither can hookers, but that I sort of understand.  But gay men?  I feel like they are saying that all gay men are irresponsible and have unprotected sex and are all diseased.  Maybe I’m overreacting, but if I was a gay man…I’d be all kinds of offended. 
  • The county has been threatening to shut down our bus service from the ‘burbs into the city since last year.  We fought them on it and they agreed to keep the service going, but they cut it significantly and they raised the prices a lot.  A woman got on the bus the other day and was shocked and appalled to find that the price was $7.50 (up from $5.50) and she not longer got her senior discount during rush hour.  She started complaining loudly about how she’s only trying to get to the city for her cancer treatment and they are trying to make that impossible.  The driver was looking at her like “what do you want me to do about it lady” and not saying anything.  Finally she sat down…next to me, of course.  She looks at me and says “Isn’t this ridiculous?  I bet Obama doesn’t take the bus so what does he care how much it costs.”  I just ignored her because how do you respond to that?  What the f does the president have to do with the fares of a semi-private suburban bus company?  There are a lot of things we can blame on the president for sure, but I don’t think this is one of them. 

And finally…

  • This morning I saw something that really upset me but made me all warm and fuzzy at the same time.  There was a dog on the highway that had gotten hit by a car.  He was trying to run away but he couldn’t stand up on his back legs and kept falling over.  It was the saddest thing I’d ever seen and I had to fight the urge to cry.  I also had to fight the urge to smack the bus driver upside the head with my umbrella…because he was honking his horn and yelling at the people who had stopped to try to help.  My bus driver is an asshole.  However…the people who were helping…those people are awesome.  There were four Verizon workers in two different trucks pulled over to the side and trying to run out into the middle of the highway, a school bus driver trying to block traffic for them so they didn’t get hit and two drivers who stopped their cars right in front of the dog to block him from getting hit again.  I called my brother, who works a few minutes away, and asked him to go see if they got the dog off the road safely or if he could help at all.  He went down there and found nothing, so I’m hoping someone got the dog to a vet and that he’s ok.  I’m sending out good wishes for him and for all those kind people who took the time to stop and help.  It’s a nice reminder that not everyone sucks and there are nice people in the world. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


  1. That poor dog. How wonderful that people stopped to help, I hope it ended up being okay!

    And I completely agree with you about gay men not being able to donate blood in NY. Wouldn’t you think it’d be ANYONE having unprotected sex? I mean, if it’s a STI issue last I checked anyone can get those and that includes HIV and AIDS. Kind of a bummer for gay men to be excluded.

  2. I do the exact same thing when writing my posts. The other night, it was late and I hadn’t even started yet and Wilzie said – “What’s the big deal? Just write one up right now.” He really has no idea…

  3. Isn’t that just the worst when you are a day ahead? I felt like that all week. This week seemed to drag on forever.

    The bit about the dog made me cry, but it does make me feel so much better that so many people were stopping to help him! Poor puppy! I hope he’s okay!

  4. The NY law is a slap in the face to the LGBT community. They know damn well that not only are there countless LGBT living in the closet (so yeah, they have some gay blood in the bank), but also that there are just as many hetero people that have risky lifestyles (meaning unprotected sex) and whatnot.

    Seriously, most of the gay people I know are in committed relationships, or are responsible adults. They’re people for chrissakes. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. I’m all welled up from the last story. I hope that pup was OK. It breaks my heart seeing dogs hit on the side of the road. I would feel so horrible if I did that, and I’d have to stop.

    that NY blood law is pure CRAP!

  6. your first bullet is exactly why it takes me HOURS to write a post, start to finish. it’s terrible. it’s also why i’m still up right now. geez.

    i really do hope that dog is okay. that breaks my heart. it’s nice to see people come together and help.

  7. Sorry, Shana–I’m late in responding, but I would never forget about you :) Just going through all the posts now (always a day late and a dollar short).

    I’ll keep that dog in my prayers, too. I can’t bare to see an animal suffer in that way either… but I’m so glad to hear there are not-so-sucky people in the world (your bus driver excluded, what an ass!).

    I feel like that all the time re: writing, editing, erasing, rewriting, editing again… it’s terrible. For what it’s worth, I always enjoy coming here. Maybe it’s because I relate to so much of what you’re saying, but I think it also has to do with how you relate it.

    And that couple with the dimes?!?! If they knew they would be paying that way they realllllly should have let you get ahead!

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