Bad, bad dog…

When we got Sadie, she was hyper and she chewed up all the furniture and the walls and she peed all over…for a while.  But we worked really hard to train her and she learned really fast and now she’s like the best dog ever.  She knows exactly what she is and is not supposed to do and she’s calm and mellow.  Her worst habit is that she begs at the table while we are eating, but that’s J’s fault because he feeds her.  Overall, we did a good job with Sadie. 

Sofie, on the other hand, is a total beast.  We did a horrible job training her.  She has chewed up all our molding and carpets and furniture.  She eats poop.  She eats everything…once she ate a ketchup packet off the coffee table.  We didn’t know it until she threw it back up.  She is still not house trained, though she generally keeps her messes in one room.  She slobbers and drools any time she sees us eating anything.  She also refuses to walk on a leash. 

Last night, I was sitting on the couch while J was cleaning up and closing up the downstairs in preparation for bed.  Sofie walked behind the couch and peed on the carpet.  I don’t know why…she’s gone outside and peed about 20 minutes before.  I swear…sometimes she makes me want to put her on the curb with a sign that says “Free Dog”. 

But how do you look at a face like this and stay mad?


  1. I love that picture. When I recently went to the beach my dog, Hobie, who is normall pretty good (maybe occasionally pees on the coffee table when we leave him alone for a long time) peed through his crate door on to the floor. Nice. And I’m pretty sure he just did it to be mean and because he doesn’t like his crate because he had peed outside right before we left and we weren’t gone very long.

  2. What is up with dogs eating poop?!?
    For a while when I was cleaning my cat’s litter, I noticed there was no poop in it at all – and I started to get worried about his health. Until I saw Maya squeezing her german shephard frame into the little hole to get to the litter box!
    This is why I don’t kiss my dog.

  3. Omg, you just can’t stay mad when they make that face. I melt. Cute little puppy dog faces get to me every time. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just make that face and get away with anything?

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