God wouldn’t have given you maracas if he didn’t want you to shake ’em…

You all know about my love for the Housewives of NJ, but my love of reality TV runs so much deeper than that.  I love them all…and if someone is getting voted off it’s even better.  Because then there are tears and drama and lying and scheming and backstabbing…which is all very compelling. 

J hates reality TV.  Well…he likes Deadliest Catch and Heliloggers and Ice Road Truckers and that survivor show with the two guys and one doesn’t wear shoes.  But Bethenny or Jersey Shore…no way.  Don’t even bring up the Housewives to him. 

So last night I was kind of surprised when I walked into the room and he had turned the TV to Bachelor Pad.  That show is a mess.  And I love it.  I’m still not sure I understand the premise…something about old contestants from the Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons competing to win $250K?  Are they also supposed to be finding love?  And why are there so many more chicks that guys?  I don’t know about any of that but seeing Elizabeth fall to pieces while sitting on the floor of her closet…that is just reality TV gold.  (I’m mean…I know…I shouldn’t take so much pleasure from other people’s misery.) 

I was baking cookies while the show was on and while I was in the kitchen J started shouting out names to me.  Random names that really meant nothing at all…especially together.  What does Brandy have to do with Jennifer Grey and Florence Henderson?  Then I heard it…the music from my most favoritest reality show ever…Dancing With The Stars…and I realized that J was shouting the names of the new cast.  I quickly ran into the room to watch the rest of the announcement. 

I have been a DWTS since season 1.  I love the insane costumes and the music and the dancing and the wigs.  I love Bruno’s insane comments and the faces that Len makes and the bad, but so funny jokes of Tom Bergeron.  The show was also the inspiration for one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen…Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Kate Gosselin. 

This season’s cast might just be one of the best yet.  It’s like one long, pop-culture reference filled joke.  If you haven’t already heard the lineup here it is…

Jennifer Grey
Margaret Cho
Audrina Patridge
Florence Henderson
Bristol Palin
Michael Bolton
The Situation
The Hoff
Kurt Warner
Kyle Massey
Rick Fox

That cast is a train wreck waiting to happen.  The Situation will be taking off his shirt every chance he gets and it will be like a contest between him and Maks to see who can be topless most often.  The Hoff brings all kinds of cheese with him…just check out the white on white suit he wore for the announcement.  Plus, there is always the possibility he will show up drunk.  Margaret Cho is hilarious and will hopefully bring many off-color jokes.  Rick Fox is…well, a fox…and will be fun to look at.  And Jennifer Grey will provide me with lots of opportunities to recite lines from my favorite movie of all time…Dirty Dancing.  The only thing I don’t understand is how Bristol Palin got herself on this list.  I mean, since when is she a star? 

I’m so excited for this season to start that I can’t stand it.  I have no predictions for a winner at this point because with Situation and The Hoff in there…there’s no telling how the voting will go.  But personally, I’m pulling for Jennifer Grey…because nobody puts Baby in a corner. 

Anyone else care to weigh in.


  1. I wonder how far into the season it will take for the announcement that Bristol is pregnant with The Situation Jr…
    Probably still a step up from Levi…

  2. If it weren’t for Margaret Cho I don’t think I’d even be watching this season. Actually, I’ll be DVRing it and catching up on the crazy over the weekends. If that.

  3. That list seriously just made my head hurt. BRISTOL PALIN? THE SITUATION? MICHAEL BOLTON? Those are like three of my least favorite people of all time all on the same show.

  4. i don’t watch dancing with the stars, but might if the situation starts calling the judges ‘hippos’.

  5. I just saw this lineup yesterday (I’m now officially outing myself as a sucker for Bachelor Pad, too, but I love these kinds of trainwrecks) and it looks pretty great. I pretty much was sold when I heard Margaret Cho was going to be one of the dancers, but I don’t get why Bristol Palin is on there either. Did you hear the reaction of the audience when someone (Tom?) asked her if her mom would be in the audience?


    annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd crickets.

    That was so awkward.

    I heard Teresa from NJ Housewives was supposed to be one of the contestants though. Wonder whatever happened with that. Why was the Situation absent from the announcement yesterday? Don’t tell me he had something “more important” to take care of.

    PS: I agree with everything Salt said :)

    • I know…that’s what the world needs…more Sarah Palin.

      And apparently Situation is still filming Jersey Shore. There are still some skanky girls in Seaside that haven’t gone back to college yet.

  6. Isn’t it supposed to be dancing with the STARS… they really are using that term SO lax these days.

    My vote is that Jennifer Gray will take it all – NO ONE PUTS BABY IN A CORNER OR MAKES HER LEAVE DWTS (or washed up has beens)

    JENNIFER OR THE HOFF get my votes!

    (and yes even though I hate dirty dancing with a passion I did quote it).

    • I know…the are going to have to change the name to Dancing with the Marginally Well Known.

      Hate Dirty Dancing? But it’s one of the best movies ever! The cheeseball lines…the super tight pants…and Patrick Swayze singing “She’s Like The Wind”. What’s not to like?

  7. This is one of those shows that everyone is going to watch because it’s going to be like Kate Gosselin dancing times ten. Dancing with the Stars: Train Wreck Edition. So. Awesome.

    The only way it could get better is if Lindsay Lohan joined the cast with her scram bracelet.

  8. Somewhere along the way today I DID see that Bristol Palin had landed herself on this show. We have not, historically, been DWTS fans…mostly because we are watching old episodes of Love Boat and Cagney and Lacey on Hulu at night, but I think we may have to actually settle in for this season. I kind of like Jennifer Grey. And Tom Warner?? Seriously? how did that happen? I’m not sure who The Situation is, but he strikes me as someone I should be aware of, too. Plus, Neal’s coworker and his wife are EAT UP with this show and if Neal doesn’t watch it, then he’s that awkward guy they can’t talk to the next day. That’s painful to watch. So, what day and what time and what channel? Be gentle with us. You’re about to pop our Stars cherry….

  9. “I carried a watermelon……” AHHHHH!! I love that movie too! So sad that heart throb is no longer with us :(

    Saw you on SITS! I am a reality TV junkie too. But I like America’s Best dance crew, Cupcake Wars, Chopped, Toddlers and Tiaras etc.

    Real tears are so much better than fake, right?

    Glad I found ya!

  10. I have only seen like 2 episodes of Dancing with the Stars but I did just read and article on People.com that said that Bristol Palin will be wearing modest outfits on the show to be a good example for her son. I found that to be ironic. Sounds like an intersting cast though.

  11. Hi, the title of your post caught my eye in SITS and just read your DWS post. I love your description of the characters – I wrote a post myself a couple of days ago about this season and why as a veteran fan I was NOT going to watch this one because of Bristol Palin. I got so hung up on the audacity of her being a “star” that I ignored the rest of the gang.

  12. I’ve been a big fan of the show, but based on the cast, I think I’ll sit this season out. That will add another 3 hours to my week that I can use to drool over Castle instead or watch yet another season of Apprentice. I may drop American Idol too. I love these reality shows, but I get frustrated when the most talented people end up going home and the train wrecks stay on week after week.

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