Are you ready for some football???

I am not a football fan.  I don’t get it…despite years of my father and grandfather and brother and J trying to explain the rules.  To me, it’s just a bunch of guys throwing a ball around and randomly jumping on each other. 

As much as I’m not a football fan, I am a big fan of football Sundays.  Fall is my favorite season and I love cool, crisp Sundays, hanging in the house with football on TV.   But I just like the sound of it in the background while I do other things.  I don’t actually watch the games.  Except the Superbowl…and then I only watch for the commercials.

However, this year is the year I become a true football fan.  Because this year we have season tickets to the NY Giants.  J has always wanted these tickets and he’s been on the waiting list forever and he finally got them…but there’s a catch.

For those of you that aren’t aware, the Jets and Giants built a new stadium this year and they added a bunch of seats so more people could get season tickets.  They also added a per seat license fee.  So the deal now is that you buy a license and that license gives you the right to buy season tickets every year.*  (They used the license fees to help finance the building of the new stadium.)

So now we have Giants tickets and for some reason J thinks I want to go to the games with him.  Saturday was the first pre-season game and, to be honest, I was totally dreading it.  I kept hoping he was going to invite someone else.  He didn’t, so I sucked it up and off we went.

Our friends didn’t go to the game, so we decided not to tailgate beforehand.  We got there just in time for kickoff, found our seats and settled in.  This is the view from our seats…

I’m told that these aren’t ideal seats because when the action is happening on the other end of the field it’s tough to see.  I thought they were just fine.  We were able to see everything and the energy in the stadium was great.  It was exciting just to be there.  And there are humongous TVs everywhere in case you do miss something.  I drove J crazy with a million questions, but I am determined to understand the game if I’m going to be sitting there every other Sunday for the next three months! (Question of the night…”Isn’t the coach of the Steelers the one that looks like Omar Epps?”  This got a few snickers from the guys sitting in front of us.)

The Giants got their asses handed to them by the Steelers.  It was so bad that we ended up leaving in the middle of the 4th quarter.  I made J post for this photo on the way out…much to his chagrin.  There is one of me too, but I looked terrible, so you will never see that one!

Overall, we had a great time.  There are some issues with parking at the stadium and it ended up taking us 45 minutes to get to our car after the game…which was ridiculous and frustrating.  I blame it partly on the stadium for not planning better and partly on J…who decided, for various reasons, that we did not need parking passes.  Guess what…we need them.  Guess what else…there are no more.  I’m working on rectifying this situation before the next game. 

Oh…and an ice cream cone…$7.  The line for a $7 ice cream?  Insanely long…like 20 minutes.  However, it was delicious and worth every penny.  I can’t wait for the next game.

*The per seat license fee is insanely expensive.  For the pleasure of handing over that ridiculous sum of money we are entitled to give them even more money for season tickets.  That is about all we get with the license.  We don’t get any kind of preferential treatment for concerts or other events at the stadium.  Hell…the license fees don’t even include parking for the games.  I’m not saying I think we should get anything for free…but pre-sale concert tickets would be nice.


  1. I’m not a big football fan. I did go to a game at the Panther’s stadium last year but I got to sit in a Suite for my dad’s work and we got to park really close. And there was free food and drinks. So that was cool. I don’t think I actually watched any of the football though.

  2. LUCKYYYYY! I’m so jealous you got to see MY BOYS play! I’m a Steelers Fan (that being said I do like E. Manning, I’m a Manning fan as well). I think it’s great for J that he got season tickets. I think the more you go the more you might find out you like watching football.

    I didn’t finally start to understand it all completely until a few years ago and I still have questions. College and Pro have a few different rules and it gets all mixed up in my head sometimes.


  3. Our city is just starting the planning of building a new hockey rink and there are whispers that they will start a licensing fee as well! No perks, just more $$$. Season’s tickets are so expensive as it is, I don’t know if we will keep them if that’s the case.
    And “our” parking spot is a brisk 20 minute walk from the rink…in the often -20C cold. But its free!
    I’ve never had a $7 ice cream…I’m too afraid I’ll like it. But $8 for watered-down, draft beer? Totally worth it!

  4. I personally don’t get football (just had a conversation with some guys at work about it) but give you props for being a good sport about it and going to a game with J. I can’t believe that about the licensing fees, though I guess I’m not terribly surprised. And I agree: if you could get access to concert tickets before they go onsale to the public, it wouldn’t cost them anything and would be a great incentive. If only we ruled the world, Shana!

  5. I totally don’t get football, and am quite thankful that hubs isn’t into it either. I used to go to MN Vikings games quite often, because my ex had season tickets and would drag me along. At first, I just enjoyed the energy of the stadium and the $7 nachos. Then, it just got to be tedious, and I remembered I just hated football and really didn’t care.

    Hopefully you’ll find something to enjoy about being at the games, or maybe J can find other people to bring (and maybe you could “help” him find those people).

  6. Wow! That is neat that y’all have season tickets to go to professional football. We don’t have any professional teams in Arkansas – so we just root for our college team: the Arkansas Razorbacks. We live in Fayetteville which is where the University is. Our home is about 1 mile from the stadium. My husband and I (as well as my parents) all went to the U of A (University of Arkansas). Needless to say, we are big Hog fans.

    Anywho – I think your seats look pretty darn spiffy. I hope you enjoy the rest of the games!

  7. I think you have outstanding seats! My hubs would kill for season tickets…maybe not to the Giants, but still, how awesome is that?
    The 45 minute walk sounds sucky, though, especially in inclement weather. Maybe only go on mild days?

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