Random Musings Friday…

The word musing means contemplation or reflection.  The title of this weekly feature might lead one to believe that they are about to read something deep and meaningful.  Ha!  Most weeks you are going to read about something J did, something my brother said, some strange person on the bus, random facts about Bret Michaels or some other such nonsense.  I’m sorry if the title is deceptive…it’s not meant to be.  I’m also sorry that I can’t live up to the name…I’m just not that deep.  See below for proof…

  • On Sunday I watched a lot of Bravo.  Every other commercial they showed was the ASPCA commercial with the poor puppies and kittens who were abused or abandoned.  One of the kitties has a little cast on its leg.  They all look so sad and I want to adopt them all.  They just kill me and make me so mad at the same time.  I mean, how can you look at those little adorable faces and hurt them or abandon them?  People who don’t like animals suck.  Also, the people who make those commercials suck too.
  • Yesterday at the grocery store I bought a People magazine just so I could read the article on the Duggars and judge them.  Because those people? Are assholes.  I mean seriously…what is she going to do…keep going until she dies?  And leaves all those kids without a mother?  Enough is enough people.  Time to start watching more TV and having less sexy time.
  • So I’ve told you about my new neighbors.  They are a bit strange but, overall, very nice.  The thing is, the husband always asks to speak to J when he needs something.  Like last night when he came over to ask us to move our cars this morning so he could have a dumpster delivered.  But J wasn’t home so he had to talk to me.  It made me giggle, because he really needs to figure out that I’m the one who makes the decisions around here.  Also…I’m the nice one.  He’ll learn that eventually.
  • I was buying cold cuts at the supermarket the other night and the guy next to me was trying to decide what he wanted.  He sampled about 12 different things before deciding on some Monterrey Jack cheese.  First he asked for half a pound.  Then he asked for 4/10 of a pound.  So the woman cut him 4/10 of a pound.  She went to wrap it up and he asked for 5 more slices.  She cut the 5 slices and again went to wrap it up.  Then he asked for 3 more slices.  After she cut those, he asked for one more slice.  Really, dude?  One more slice.  Is it really going to make a difference?  People are freaking strange. 
  • We order from Outback a lot and every time we do they forget to put something in the bag.  Every. Single. Time.  How hard is it to double-check the list? Isn’t taking the time to double-check the list better than having me come back raving like a lunatic because my salad dressing was missing?  I’m cranky when I’m hungry, people.  And that dressing?  It’s the reason I order from you in the first place.  Don’t think I’m not going to upset when it’s missing. 

That’s all I have for this week.  Actually…I have more, but all hell is breaking loose at work this morning and I have to run.  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!  See you Monday!


  1. That cheese guy? VERY strange. Wonder what his gig was?

  2. Argh! I have the same problem with my lunch place – it is SO frustrating! And because I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack, I never check the bag until I get back to the office so I have to run all the way back down.
    I have been boycotting them for about a month now…I’m kind of a bitch like that.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Those ASPCA commercials are SO sad. I can’t watch them. I just can’t do it. The duggars actually live about 15-30 minuntes from me. I think they need to stop procreating. Period.

  4. Those ASPCA commercials get me every time. We rescued our Pug from a local rescue organization, and every time I look at his cute, squishy little face when he cuddles with me and soaks up the petting, I have to wonder what kind of monster could ever hurts such a cute, innocent little creature. How could you dislocate the jaw of a teeny, tiny little puppy?!? It’s disgusting and disturbing.

    The Duggars? Yeah. I agree. ‘nough said.

    I also get very crabby and crazy when I’m hungry. If we order takeout and they forget something (and it always seems to be something for my meal that they forget), I’ve been known to actually cry. I feel so pathetic, but that’s just the way I seem to be wired!

  5. Maybe the cheese guy was a secret shopper to see how well the deli lady would handle him…or he was just nutso.

  6. 4/10 of a pound. That is just weird. And yes, the Duggars need to stop having kids. I’m many I can’t tell people what to do but seems like they have enough. One time I got curbside pickup from Outback for like 5 people. They left out one of our meals but then gave us a random chicken meal and 2 kids meals. Luckily the guy whose meal they forgot really liked kid’s chicken fingers.

  7. Those commercials kill me. There’s one with Sarah McLachlan singing in the background (totally drawing a blank on the song) and another with Natalie Merchant “My Skin” and I can’t even listen to them anymore because the music takes me back to those poor sick puppies and kittens :( SO sad. And I totally agree. Anyone who could harm an innocent animal deserves a swift kick in the nuts. Okay, fine, you didn’t actually say that… but it’s the truth!

    PS: I always look forward to your random tidbits about Bret Michaels.

  8. I am bravo addict! Yes, those commercials always make me feel like loser. So, I usually flip the channel. They have a really sad one with kids and it makes me feel horrid. I hate to see children or animals suffer. I love the marathons on Sundays though so I always end up back over there.

  9. I can’t stand that ASPCA commercial! And it was just on MSNBC AGAIN tonight. Actually, I will physically look away, mute it and wait for about 45 seconds before returning. The other one that kind of sucks is when the lady from “Roseanne” does her bit about animals and she sounds like she’s getting ready to cry the whole time. I can’t take it. So, yeah…you’re not alone there.

    And I want to buy the People just to read the article about Elin and Tiger. Is that wrong? And then I want to prance around the house and sing “I’m a survivor…”

    And it took people a couple of years before they understood who had the real power in this house. Showing them Neal’s testicles in my bedside jar helped.

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