Random Musings Friday…

My brother registered a complaint that last week’s Random Musings Friday was too short.  So I have been extra attentive this week to notice lots of things to make up for last week.  Brother dear, I hope this makes you happy…

  • On Monday afternoon, a guy who was in a really big hurry pushed me out of his way while running down the subway steps.  Just as he got past me he dropped his cell phone and it went tumbling down several stairs and shattered into many, many pieces.  I simply walked by and got on the waiting subway.  As we pulled away I watched him pick up the pieces of his broken phone and I couldn’t help but smile.  Karma’s a bitch and that’s what happens when you push people.
  • I like to tip cab drivers well…because it’s a sucky job and they make peanuts, really.  I will often tip $2 or $3 on a $6 fare.  The other night I was feeling lazy so I jumped in a cab after work instead of walking to the subway.  I had a $1, a $5 and a $20.  We pulled up and the fare was $6.40.  I handed the guy my $20 and asked for $11 change.  He tells me that I’m his first fare of his shift and he has no change.  I reply that I only have $6 or $20 and I’m certainly not giving him the whole $20.  He says again that he has no change.  So I gave him the $6 and dug $.40 out of my wallet.  He got no tip.  I felt kind of bad about it…because I could have put the charge on my credit card and given him a tip.  But I was so annoyed by the whole thing that I decided not to.  Because what kind of cab driver starts his shift with no change?  Am I horrible person?
  • A girl who couldn’t have been more than 20 years old got on the bus yesterday morning and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.  She had the biggest…and most obviously chemically/surgically enhanced…lips I’d ever seen.  And she had bright red lipstick on.  I swear she looked like she had big wax lips attached to her face.  I know it’s mean to stare, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away.  I just kept picturing Heidi Montag and I wanted to grab this girl and tell her to stop now while there was still time.  I didn’t…I just turned my attention back to my book…but I fear for the rest of her face.
  • I read a blurb in Us Weekly that Bret Michaels gave Kristi Gibson a promise ring.  What is this…8th grade?  A promise ring?  That dude has some serious committment issues.  He should marry Kristi already.  I mean, the woman gave him two beautiful daughters, watched him whore it up with tranny strippers on three seasons of Rock of Love and then nursed him back to health.  That deserves a committment, doesn’t it?
  • J has this unbelievably annoying habit of taking an ice tray into the living room, putting three cubes in his glass, letting the rest of the ice melt and then putting the tray on the counter next to the sink.  I don’t understand this.  Why take the whole tray into the living room?  Why not just three cubes?  Why not bring the glass into the kitchen to fill it with ice?  And really, you are going to leave it on the counter instead of refilling it and putting in the freezer?  I just don’t understand.  One of these days I’m going to go get ice and all three trays will be on the counter and I’m going to lose it. 
  • I was looking at my blog stats yesterday and I noticed that one of the searches that took someone to my site was “You put your penis where?”.  Of course I Googled the same term and didn’t find my blog, so I have no idea what the hell I wrote that could have brought someone in with that search.  Any ideas?  Is there a lot of penis talk over here that I’m unaware of or don’t remember? Does anyone else find me when they Google that? 

I had lots of other thoughts too…about quitting my job…about joining the circus…about getting knocked up so I don’t have to work anymore…about my broken iPod that doesn’t allow me to change songs.  But those were all really whiney and annoying and you don’t want to hear those. 

I was actually headed down that same whiney path this morning, but I got a lovely email from my friend Ally this morning, reminding me that I should be happy because it’s Friday.  So, thanks to her, I leave you this week with happy thoughts and good wishes for a wonderful Champagne Friday.


  1. I’m a little too scared to google “You put your penis where?” on my work computer. Alarms will probably sound, my computer will lock up, and then I’ll be fired.

    I wouldn’t feel bad about the cab driver. My bet is he did have change and tried to say that to get your $20 and then he couldn’t back down from it. When I use to live in Boston I had some sketchy cab drivers. The best was the guy with leather gloves and vest who was smoking. I kept glancing at the “no smoking” in cabs sign and kept coughing (I really did have a cold but I might have exaggerated some). He was like hmm you don’t mind that I smoke do you? I was very brave and said actually I do I’m sick. He also had some road rage issues. I was glad to get out of the cab. When I called for my return trip guess who was my cabbie again? Yup that’s right Mr. Leather gloves. Good times!

  2. That’s what that guy gets for pushing you! Who does that and then doesn’t even apologize? That’s bad.

    And the cab driver… no, don’t feel bad. How do you not start your shift with change? He had to know that that was bound to happen.

  3. Let’s hear it for that bitch, Karma! And your cabbie is an opportunistic prick. He had change, I would bet on it. So, no your not horrible.

    I’ll be back if my penis search directs me.

  4. Ha, I like the story about subway guy. And I don’t understand why someone would want to have huge lips anyways. They just look weird. My husband gets mad at me b/c I am always accidentally putting things like frozen chicken or pizza boxes in the ice box. He says it contaminates all the ice. I mean I guess that could be true.

  5. I like your musings this week, Shana :)

    I know what you mean about cab drivers and always try to tip well. But that is not a smart cab driver. I would imagine that rule #1 in operating a NYC cab = ALWAYS HAVE CHANGE. So you did the right thing. I would have been upset with you had you given him a $13+ tip :p

    Girl with the big lips sounds scary. And also: why is that a desirable look? Do men actually go for that? I mean, to some extent, plump lips are sexy… but if it looks like you have a floatation device on your face, it may be time to cut off your supply of lip enhancement products.

    Bret Michaels. When will that man ever learn? Makes me sad for Kristi. But I wonder if he has some kind of Rock of Love 4 coming out and he’s not allowed to be married and continue this reality TV show career he’s got going on.

  6. I’m definitely not going to google that at work but I might do some research for you at home. I don’t have any idea how to do all this blog research stuff you’re talking about for stats and stuff I am “t3h challenged” when it comes to that.

    I had no idea it was nice to tip cab drivers. That being said I’ve been in a cab all of one time in my life, I was completely hammered and I wasn’t in charge of paying for said cab so there’s that.

    Karma worked out so well in your favor that day!!!

    Um yeah, I think my boyfriend would have already gotten an ice tray to the face. You are a good woman girl, a good good woman! :)


    • I’m not really all that technologically savvy. WordPress has a button that says “Blog Stats” and I click that button and it tells me things. And I check it constantly because I have a very strong need to be loved and adored…but that’s a whole post for a whole other day.

      As for an ice tray to the face…it’s hard not to. But it’s getting there.

  7. I agree with Christine – cabbies ALWAYS have change, he was just trying to scam you.
    The ice cube tray sounds exactly like something Wilzie would do…except that he would get a constant barrage of:
    “Can you put the ice cube tray away?”
    “Did you put the ice cube tray away?”
    “Honey, please make sure you put the ice cube tray away.”

    Enjoy every single minute of your weekend :)

  8. a) I’m glad I don’t live in a high-cab area.
    b) thank goodness for automatic ice makers–if we remember to lower the on-arm, of course!

  9. 1) One time a woman plowed me over at the pharmacy when I was pregnant. She called out a disingenuous “Sorry, hon!” as she ran out and I have – never in my life – wanted to go Chris Brown on someone more than I did in that moment.

    2) Nah. Not your fault. Homeboy was banking on the people who just give him large bills. Like when I ask for change for a 20 at a restaurant, and the server gives me two 10s instead of a 10 and two 5s. She has very obviously suggested what her tip should be.

  10. funny stuff, stopping by from SITS and a new follower because I like your style 😉

    I prob would have done the same thing with the cab driver but know better. we (me and my family) tip because of us not them.

    I’ve got a suggestion for the ice tray, cut it in half or only fill up 3 cubes and he can’t use any other tray then that one. Or if you want ice, you fill it up, simple 😉

    Happy Friday, if you’re in the hopping mood come by my 7th It’s Friday, I’m hopping.

    Christy, Home❤Mom.com

  11. I just LOVE Random Musings Friday…even if I am reading it late on Wednesday night! 😉

    1) I think that a cab driver who starts his shift with no change is a lot like a waitress who brings change to the table in the form of $5 and $10’s. Obviously, she doesn’t want a tip because she would have broken the $5 down into $1’s. I know this as I was that girl. Live and learn. 😉

    2) Karma’s a bitch. I think we can all agree on that.

    3) Over-plumped lips went out when that one Angelina Jolie-wannabe bitch got herself knocked up with like 8 babies. After that, it was just very 2009.

    4) Bret Michaels is still alive??? I could have sworn he had OD’d on heroine by now. And what exactly is he promising?? Rock stars are not known for being able to keep their promises.

    Happy Champagne Friday to you, love!! I hope it was bubbly and sparkly and full of laughs.

    PS…I think your next major purchase should be a refrigerator with an ice maker. It will really save your relationship. Kind of like when we bought the Keurig and I no longer have to scream until I’m blue in the face about how Neal was dripping coffee grinds and juice all the way to the trash can every morning…staining the counter and the floor. The pod is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

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