Going to the dogs…

My dogs are so completely spoiled…and it was J’s doing.  He thinks they are kids and treats them accordingly. 

A few examples of things he’s done…

  • Three years ago for my instead of going to the steakhouse in Tribeca that I’d been hinting about for a month, J took me to the seafood place in the courtyard of our building.  His reasoning…he didn’t want to leave the dog (we only had one then) alone too long.  I still haven’t been to that steakhouse.
  • Two years ago on Christmas Eve, we were all sitting at the table eating dessert.  Everything was chocolate, so the dogs couldn’t have any.  J got up and went into the kitchen.  He came back with a plate of dogs cookies, which he covered in whipped cream and fed to the dogs as dessert.
  • Last Thanksgiving, there were 5 people for dinner.  J set 7 places at the table.  Each dog got their own plate of turkey and mashed potatoes. 
  • A few weeks ago we actually had an argument over the fact that I was laying on the couch…in the dogs’ spot and he wanted me to move.  He was dead serious. 

Don’t get me wrong…I love my dogs…but they are dogs and we are people and we should be the ones in charge.  We aren’t even close to being in charge.  This became painfully evident last night when I went to get in bed and found this…

That is my side of the bed…and that is Sofie in the front dead asleep on my pillow…and that is Sadie in the back looking at me like “You better not ask me to move lady.”  Of course, my dogs aren’t capable of arranging the pillows like this…so I knew J was behind it and that he found it incredibly funny.  What he didn’t find quite as amusing was when I let the dogs jump all over him after they went out at 5:30 this morning!


  1. Yeah my husband is pretty obsessed with and overprotective of our dog. And our dog is pretty obsessed with him too. I think it’s because he works from home and they are together all day. My husband would definitely sleep with the dog every night if I weren’t slightly allergic to him (the dog) and banned him from sleeping in our bed. By the way I do like Hobie a lot. I just don’t like sleeping with him.

  2. I wish I had a dog! Matt won’t let me get one and he ever did then I might be one the spoiling it. Well I wouldn’t set it place at dinner or get it a special dessert!

  3. When Wilzie worked nights, Maya would sleep with me on his side of the bed – but he put an end to that when he got tired of coming home to a mouthful of dog hair on his pillow.
    I didn’t really mind, she was far too squirmy a bed-mate

  4. Your dogs are ADORABLE! I have some spoiled dogs too! :)

  5. Awwwww, I gotta say: I kinda find that a bit endearing. My friend’s hubby ran into the house last week because his dog’s chew toy got wet… and he wanted to throw it in the dryer. Meanwhile he nearly took her out running in. But they’re also trying to have kids so I think of this as good practice. The fact that J is so attached to his beloved doggies means he’ll be a very doting father when you do decide to have kiddies (I’m not trying to speed things along for you or anything!) :)

  6. Stopping by from SITS. I think that photo is adorable, but I would have been a bit annoyed too! We have two dogs, but I’m probably the one who babies them. Not THAT much though!

  7. Hahahahahahahahahaha! That picture is great. It’s almost something my guys (cats) would do except that they are much smaller so it’s not as much of a pain. Sofie certainly looks comfortable.

    Those dogs are lucky to have such loving dogparents as you and J. :)

  8. My dog is spoiled, but I’d never give him my pillow. That is such bullshit.
    Remember that movie “the truth about cats and dogs”? There was the scene where Abby says to a caller “You can love your dog, but you shouldn’t love your dog”.
    Or something like that. And I think J loves his dogs. Yeah, he does.

    One good thing, when dogs get old and arthritic, they can’t get up on stuff, so you have that to look forward to. :)

  9. my dog would love it at your place! he isn’t allowed in the couch (but he can sit on the ottoman) and he’s only allowed on the foot of our bed. he doesn’t sleep there though–he snores like an old man!

  10. Patty Reiser says:

    Your dogs are definitely spoiled. Too much I think. :)

    Celebrate Life and Capture it!

  11. Ah…revenge is a dish best served reheated at 5:30 in the morning with a side of sloppy doggy kisses and an odor of doggy breath. WELL PLAYED, love!

    I know pets can play a HUGE role in our lives…I mean…there are 3 formal places where humans can sit in our living room and like 20 places with blankets for the cats to lay. And they don’t even kill palmetto bugs. But dammit they are adorable and they always greet me at the door and they lay on my stomach when I have cramps. Neal never lays on my stomach. So, there’s a lot to be said for that.

    Your doggies, though? FREAKING PRESH!!! And so shiny! Is that a Pantene coat?

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