Where does the time go???

Most days I feel like I am running late from the minute I open my eyes.  I feel like I’m constantly rushing and I’m always out of time.  There are so many things for me to do in a day and at least 90% of them stay unfinished.   Too many things to do and not enough time to do them all.  It’s very frustrating. 

I want my house to be clean all the time.  I want to cook dinner every night.  I want to bake every day.  I want to spend at least an hour at the gym.  I want to get my nails done once a week.  I want to read three books a week and watch enough movies to cut my Netflix queue down from 400 movies. 

I’ve tried everything to “create” more time in the day.  I’ve tried getting up earlier and going to sleep later, but then I’m tired and unproductive, so that didn’t work.  I’ve tried going to sleep earlier and getting up later…hoping that I’d be more rested and more efficient.  The increase in efficiency didn’t make up for the additional hours of sleep, so that plan didn’t work either. 

I’ve determined that the real time killer is my job.  Between commuting and working, that’s like 11 hours a day…precious time that I could be using to do other, more worthwhile things…like blogging, hanging out with my dogs and watching TV.  Work is so freaking inconvenient.  I wouldn’t mind it so much if I was doing something important that contributed something to society…like medical research or educating children.  But I don’t do anything like that.  Quitting my job is such a rational solution to my time problems.  Of course, that would create a whole new lack of money problem. 

I have run out of ideas for making my days run more smoothly and for getting more things done.  Does anyone else have any brilliant solutions they’d like to share?  I’m pretty much open to anything.


  1. Yeah I have this problem too. I think we should really try to get it so we can work from home. The 2 weeks I worked from home, I accomplished so much more than usual. It was great. Other than that, I don’t really know.

    • I’ve been begging to work at home. But they want to see us every day. I wish they would understand how much more productive I’d be if I could work in pajamas.

  2. The only thing I can suggest is moving you and your job closer to each other to eliminate commute time.
    Barring that – you should just quit. Just think of all the time you’ll have to clean your cardboard box…

    • Unfortunately, we are looking to move even further away! Sometimes I just want to say screw it and sell our house and give up our crazy jobs and move to a small town somewhere and be a waitress in a diner.

  3. You have 400 movies in your Netflix queue? I have a hard time picking out 10!

    Why oh why won’t your employer just let you work from home? Even if it were just a couple days a week??

    • I’ve been a Netflix member for a long time and I’m notoriously bad about watching and sending back movies. I end up keeping them for like a month. So, yeah, I’ve accumulated a lot of movies in my queue.

      I wish I could work from home. Even if I could do it once a week, that would help. But no, they want to see my sunshining face every day. Lucky me!

  4. i am the same. i’m a full-time grad student and stay home with two small kids–i love to read and hardly get to, i love to bake/cook, and don’t do it as often as i’d like. exercise?? what’s that. i’ve tried getting up earlier and the kids just get up earlier. i’m on the ‘stay up late’ thing now but i’m just exhausted. so, yeah, when you come up with a good plan, fill me in.

  5. Stupid work! BAH! Why can’t someone just give me the same paycheck for crap I WANT to do? I don’t understand.

  6. I know the feeling. Work always sucks so much of the precious time away, but especially when you factor in the commute.

    So since working from home isn’t an option, do you make the most of your time on the train/bus in the mornings/afternoons? Perhaps you can write your blogs there or read or bring in one of those portable DVD thingies and watch some of those Netflix movies?

  7. Do you commute? My friends in Palatine commute into Chicago and they use the time on the train to catch up on email, read books, etc. Of course, they may have more space that you to pop open a laptop and go to town. I will however give you $20 to start doing chin ups on the bars that people hold onto on mass transportation as a way of working in your daily exercise. Please have J with a camera ready when you do this, though. I don’t have any other advice for you. I get up at 6:30 with Neal and go until he gets home at 4:30 and somehow I still have a list a mile long. Maybe if we became Quakers…

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