Random Musings Friday…

I’ve been running really late all day.  I didn’t get much sleep last night and I’ve been dragging since my alarm went off.  I rushed into work a half hour late and have been trying to play catch up ever since.   So today’s post is way late, but better late than never…

  • I saw this outfit in the window at Diesel yesterday and I wondered, is this really in style?  Who is wearing this?  Any ideas?


  • People seem not to understand how to use the escalators at Grand Central.  Every day someone will get to the top, step off the escalator and stop in their tracks.  This causes problems for the people behind because the escalator doesn’t stop and the stopped person has to be pushed out of the way.  Often, the stopped person then becomes surly.  To the stopped person I say this…Dude, come on…get the fuck out of the way…I understand that you might not know where you are going, but move to the side until you figure it out…we are all tired and we want to get home and we don’t want to get eaten by the escalator because you are a moron.  Thank you.
  • My mom used to tell me not to listen to my music so loud or I’d be deaf by the time I was 30.  Well, it seems that once again she was correct.  Because I can’t hear anything.  I have to make J repeat himself a lot, which drives him nuts.  With other people, like co-workers or strangers, I’m sometimes hesitant to make them repeat themselves more than once.  So sometimes, when I don’t get what they are saying on the second try, I just smile and nod or make some other show of agreement.  One of these days someone is going to propose something illicit or illegal and I’m going to agree to it because I didn’t hear them in the first place.  I really should get a hearing aid or something. 

It’s a short list this week because I’m still running late and still trying to catch up.  I hope everyone has a great Friday and happy weekend!  See you Monday.


  1. That outfit is absolutely ridiculous. Seriously. No one should wear that. Ever.

  2. Wow, that outfit is just not good. I guess people are really trying to come up with some hot new creative fasions. I can still hear ok. But I’m only 29 so I’ll keep you posted.

  3. I was just talking about this with someone today. If you don’t know where you’re going, kindly step to the side, because you run the risk of getting run over by irate commuters. And also? I feel like people should know this before coming to New York. Maybe our tourism board should step it out. I feel like this should be common knowledge when booking a trip to the Big Apple.

    Oh, and also: let’s ban strollers from Herald Square.

    Wow, is that considered fashionable? I’m soooo out of the loop if it is. Ick.

    Have a great weekend, Shana!

    (PS: I’m right there with you on the hearing aid. I think I’m developing iPod ear).

  4. The escalator is one of my biggest peeves! Same thing with people who walk through a door and stop…because they are the only people on earth!
    I am also in the deaf boat, (un?)fortunately Wilzie has finally caught on, so when I smile and nod he just says “you didn’t hear what I said did you?”
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I dunno who would wear that…maybe it’s all the rage for mannequins right now?
    Maybe the slow-pokes just need plowed into(assuming they’re somewhat clean) and then a “OMG, I’m sorry…I thought we were moving” That might teach them:)

    Kind of funny you mention the hearing thing, b/c hubs has been coming home at night and saying WTF? are you deaf? b/c I fall asleep watching TV and it doesn’t disturb me at level 23. I’ll stay in denial.

  6. I don’t turn to Diesel for my fashion choices for precisely that reason. Charlotte Rouse has been pretty good lately…but generally…I’m a whore for Gap and they have NEVER steered me wrong. Well, them and J. Crew. And The Limited. When I could fit into The Limited clothes without serious muffin top. Which was a while ago. Anyway…I prefer not to wear my lingerie on the outside, even though I do own one of those lingerie looking tops that got so popular about 5 years ago. Lingerie top and blazer and we all thought were were climbing the corporate ladder when really it just looked like we were sleeping with the boss.

    As for the stopping in the flow of traffic…this is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. I hate it in the mall, in the middle of Target, in the middle of the ATL airport, at the grocery store. You name it. And because we do travel more than the average bear, we do see a lot of it. Stop in the middle of a sidewalk, pop open a map, stand there and stare at it and then look up and around. So, I try REALLY hard NOT to be that person and I’m FOREVER shoving Neal over to the side of the train/bus/sidewalk/room…whatever. There is no reason for those people to get surly. They owe YOU an apology.

    And I thought I was going deaf too. Until I coned my ears. Then I learned what was really growing in there and I swear it looks like potatoes.

  7. What really bothers me about that outfit is that the garters are attached to the pockets. Okay, that’s not really true, the whole outfit bothers me.

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