Random Musings Friday…

J and I spent 99% of last weekend lying around in our pajamas, watching tv.  We only left the house once…for an hour.  It was insanely hot and just not worth the trouble of going out.  Unfortunately, that means the lawn didn’t get cut and the patio project was delayed and no laundry got done.  It also means that this weekend is going to be really busy while we try to catch up.  Can’t wait!!!

This week’s random musings have nothing to do with yard work…

  • I was having a conversation with J’s cousin the other day about dieting.  We both feel like we are forever trying to lose weight.  I was saying how it’s so discouraging when you eat nothing but salad and fish and rice and then the scale only moves half a pound in a week.  She agreed and said she’d be far more motivated to exercise and watch her diet if she was already skinny.  It’s so true.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could just wake up skinny and do the work on the back-end?  I’d gladly trade instant weight loss for a lifetime of carrot sticks and grilled tilapia.  If only it actually worked that way.
  • We got a flyer in our mailbox earlier this week from a local contractor advertising their services.  The top of the flyer said “Fix your roof and gutters now before worst whether”.  First, I mocked them for not using spell check.  Then, I threw out the flyer because if you aren’t smart enough to spell check your flyers then I’m not sure you are going to do a good job fixing my roof.  But then I felt sort of bad.  Theses guys walked around my entire neighborhood…which is a bunch of insanely steep hills…on one of the hottest days of the year handing out these flyers and, my guess is, most people are going to do what I did.  It was probably a waste of their time.  I’m still not going to call them to fix my roof…but I am sorry for mocking them.
  • J doesn’t believe this, but it’s the simplest things in life that make me the happiest.  For example, I paid my boss’s bills this week.  When I went to print out the checks, I grabbed a bunch of blanks off the stack in the drawer.  When I went to count them out, I found that I’d grabbed the exact number of checks that I needed.  I love when I do that…which is ridiculous because what’s the big deal if I have to take a few more checks out or put a couple back?  I don’t know why…probably because I’m a big dork…but it makes me happy to do that.  Like I’ve won some kind of game.  I know…feel free to mock me.  I deserve it.
  • I have a Christmas shopping system that involves making a list around Thanksgiving, shopping the doorbuster sales on Black Friday and finishing up everything online the first week of December.  My friend MB does all her shopping throughout the year and she’s usually done and wrapped by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.  This year, I decided to give that a try.  There are a lot of Christmas in July sales going on this week and I’ve already got two people crossed off my list.  If I can keep this up, I might not have anything to buy on Black Friday!  Also, J’s birthday is a month away and I’ve already gotten his present.  That’s another first for me.  I’m usually buying it at the last possible second…like two years ago when I had to take a day off work to go shopping.  Maybe this whole New Year’s resolution of getting my shit together is really working.
  • Every day this week, I’ve ordered egg whites with two slices of turkey bacon and whole wheat toast from the place around the corner.  Every day this week, they forgot to send something with my order.  Monday they forgot the butter for my toast.  Tuesday, it was the toast.  Wednesday, the ketchup.  Yesterday, the bacon.  Today…they finally got it right!  I guess they were tired of me calling to bitch. 

I’m off to eat my breakfast now…because no one likes cold eggs.  Have a fabulous weekend everyone.


  1. I LOVE it when I randomly pick the exact right amount of whatever it is I need.
    But I’m OCD like that.
    I also divide out my M&Ms by colour and eat the “odd ones” until I have the same amount of each colour, then eat them in order: brown, orange yellow, blue, red, green, brown, orange, yellow, blue, red, green.
    I may have a problem…

  2. I totally get you on the little things – I’m the same way!

    And I have a Xmas Excel workbook. With a different worksheet for each year. That lists everyone’s name, their gift budget, actual gift cost, and item purchased. Want to know what I got my sister in law in 2003? I can tell you. And I got a really good price on it!

  3. I get it about the right number thing. My favorite thing is predicting down to the minute how long it will take to get somewhere or to get home. I get all kinds of satisfaction when I’m right :) Weird, I know.

    I’m a horrible early shopper. Just like a kid, I can’t wait to give people their gifts and anytime I buy something before Thanksgiving, they’re getting it early. Which can get expensive. So until I’m out of the Peter Pan stage…I’ll be fighting the crowds or ordering online.

  4. WOW! I’m super impressed with your Christmas shopping system. I really need to be more organized about this. But I’ve learned over the last few years that shopping online greatly reduces my overall stress, so that’s usually where I head. I just can’t take the rude shoppers and long lines.

    I think you should call that roofing company and offer to proofread their flyers. I’m totally serious. You could charge them a very reasonable rate which would probably guarantee they’ll get more customers… I totally see something like that and get turned off. OMG, am I a total snob??

  5. Think of it this way – if you get all your shopping finished before Black Friday – you can shop and buy YOURSELF something on sale and fabulous as a reward for all your hard work.

    Maybe even a new outfit for holiday parties to show off your nice frame after all the dieting and working out!! :)

    You know how excited I am to try on old sweaters I haven’t worn in years – if I can keep up this workout routine I will be happy to finally not feel all lumpy under a bulky sweater!

    You can do it girl – keep the faith!!! oxox

  6. At some point, I’m going to put up the picture of the billboard I took on my way back to GA last time. It says “turn around! You past us!” That crap makes me squirm. And text language is only going to make it worse. “Trn rnd. u pst us!” AGH!

    On the plus side, you ended your week with a complete breakfast. Fifth time’s the charm, I suppose.

    I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was so fantabulous, I’m just now getting caught up on my blogging! 😉

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