Random Musings Friday…

Happy Friday!  I remembered to take notes this week…yay!  Here’s what I noticed/saw/thought about this week…

  • J watched Monday’s Real Housewives of NJ with me.  Well…he watched for 10 minutes and then went upstairs.  He was there for the part where Theresa said to Danielle “I didn’t grow up in Franklin Lakes…I’m from Patterson, Bitch!”  It’s his new favorite line.  Whenever I’m doing something annoying he says “Don’t mess with me…I’m from Patterson…you know what that means.”  Then he laughs.  This cracks me up.  Because I’m not really sure what being from Patterson means.  Anyone?  Is it a rough neighborhood?
  • There is a guy who gets on the bus every morning who is always still getting dressed.  Usually he’s tying his tie still or tucking in his shirt.  Tuesday we reached new levels of undress.  He got on the bus with his t-shirt untucked, his dress shirt on, but totally unbuttoned, his tie in his mouth and he was just doing up his belt.  I mean…I like to sleep a few extra minutes in the morning too, but seriously…this guy needs to set his alarm a little earlier.
  • There seem to be a lot of kids on the train commuting into the city for summer internships.  I don’t remember this many last year.  Last night, two of these kids sat behind me and I got to listen to their conversation.  One kid started talking about a woman he was working for who was from Canada.  He was making fun of her accent and described all of the funny things she said during the day.  The other kid was sitting in disbelieving silence until he said “So wait…you mean she’s from Canada but she lives here?”   His tone was the same one I would have used if I said “You mean she’s from Mars?”  Robyn recently posted about finding this attitude about Canadians when she visited the states and now I know what she meant.  I still don’t understand it.  Robyn is awesome.  So is Cher.  Come on people…Canadians rock!
  • We are currently house-hunting and we have recently looked at several houses that are currently being rented.  The tenants have given us the hardest time about seeing the houses.  I went to see one the other day and the people were WIERD.  Seriously.  They followed us around the house like we were going to steal something.  It made me really uncomfortable and I was hesitant to open closets and look in the bathrooms.  Luckily, my realtor is really pushy so she did it.  Now I want to take J back to see it and they are being difficult about the timing.  We’ve had to reach out to the owner to see if they could do anything.  There was another house that I really liked also…but the tenants gave us such a hard time when I wanted to bring J back that we said forget it and the owner lost a potential sale.  PSA…if you are going to rent out your house, make sure you put something in the lease that says the tenants have to co-operate with the sales efforts.
  • Today is my boss’s birthday and we just ordered cupcakes for him.  Wasn’t that sweet of us?  Yeah, it wasn’t.  It was purely selfish.  We just really wanted cupcakes and this gave us a good excuse to get them.  We ordered good ones, with lots of yummy frosting in flavors that we like.  We don’t even know if he likes cupcakes.  We are selfish bitches. 

I had that whole post written and when I went to publish it, it disappeared.  I had to re-type the whole thing.  I hate technology. 

Anyway…that’s it for me for this week.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  See you Monday!


  1. I wish it was someone’s birthday here so that we could have an excuse for baked goods. A cupcake sounds so good right about now.

    There is no way I’d be able to look at Still Getting Dressed guy on the bus without laughing.

    • I have a little group of ladies that I sit with every day and we all snicker when he gets on the bus. It’s impossible not to. Did I mention that the guy is in his 40s?

  2. WooHoo – Go Canada, eh!
    Being a selfish bitch is totally ok if it means you get cupcakes…I think my boss’s birthday is coming up soon…

  3. This was a great post and you are telling me that you had to write it twice. That sucks!

    I hope the cupcakes are DELICIOUS!

  4. I can’t believe the tenants stay when the house is being shown! When we were selling our last house, anytime there was a showing scheduled–we skeedaddled. That’s just common courtesy, isn’t it? It’s for the exact reasons you mentioned….so you can feel comfortable looking through the place….so you can imagine how it might be to live there and what not. Geesh.
    There are a few Canadian sub-contractors that come to our area for work and then go home. To me, Canadians are just like Americans, except their drivers’ licenses look different. Plus? Why would anyone be rude to someone that is boosting the local economy by visiting here and spending their money? I don’t get it.
    Hope you have a happy weekend!

  5. Have you been to Crumbs yet? Their cupcakes are ridiculous (only about 1500 calories, so not too bad. HA!). There’s also a place in Soho that has these itty bitty cupcakes bites (Melissa’s or something?) and they’re sold out of a truck and you can eat 5 and say it’s just like eating one normal sized cupcake. Now I’m hungry.

    What’s up with that commuter? I’m surprised he doesn’t bring his electric razor with him on the train.

    • Crumbs is exactly where we got our cupcakes from. We only got the minis, but over the weekend J and I stopped at one in CT and picked up a few big ones. They are soooo good.

  6. You have like 20 tags on this post and that makes me giggle.

    I still say nothing is worse than pulling up next to the guy on the road and he was brushing his teeth in his car. I mean, really, is it that hard to complete your beauty routine inside your house?? Apparently it is.

    I agree. Cher and Canadians in general ROCK. They just love their moose burgers and hockey. Is that so wrong?? Hug a Canadian. It could be worse. It could be France next to us.

    Kidding. ONLY kidding.

    And on this house-hunting thing…we were pretty much in love with this loft in downtown Lexington except A) the girl came back AS we were touring it…with her 2 dogs…one of which was still going on puppy pads. And then she followed us around her 1100 sq ft loft while we went around with our Realtor. Well, her and her puppy too. So. Not. A. Fan. And yes, they lost the sell. Shocker.

    Aside from all of that, I hope you had a LOVELY weekend!

  7. ha! Canadians rock? Really? I’m flattered, but I’m not so sure. I mean, we HAVE lots of rocks, but I don’t think we actually rock. Or do we? I’m going to have to ponder this further. And possibly visit the US soon to do some in depth research. I’ll get back to you.

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