3 things…

Jenni from Less is More tagged me for this meme last week.  I’ve been saving it for a day when I no idea what to write.  Today seems like a good day for it.  It’s about 1000 degrees outside and I’m pretty sure my brain has melted.  So here are my 3 things…
3 names I go by:
* Honey – what J calls me
* Bubsy Head – what my grandfather calls me
* Shan – the only way to make my name any shorter
3 places I have been:
*  London, England – senior class trip and I’ve been dying to go back ever since
*  Orlando, FL – to go to Disney with J…the best vacation we’ve been on together
*  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – 10 days in the most gorgeous resort ever
3 favorite drinks:
* Diet Coke – I live on this stuff
* Vanilla milkshakes – because they are so yummy
* Iced Tea
3 jobs I have had:
* Camp counselor – at a local day camp…this was my first job
* Administrative assistant – my job in college
* Accountant – my job since college
3 TV shows I watch:
* Grey’s Anatomy – because he really is McDreamy
* Entourage – love those boys
* The Real Housewives of NJ – those bitches are nuts and I love it
3 places I would like to visit:
* Graceland – I’m not a huge Elvis fan, but I’ve always thought it would be fun to go there
* Italy – my sister-in-law went last year and I drool over her photos all the time
* Hawaii – I’m hoping this will be a honeymoon destination in the very near future
3 favorite retro TV shows
* The Golden Girls – I watched with my grandmother every week
* The Brady Bunch – because I wanted a huge family like that
* Diff’rent Strokes – because what’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?
3 places I have lived:
* New York
* New York
* New York – I know…so boring, but I’ve been here all my life
3 favorite dishes
* Pizza – because even bad pizza is still good
* Baked ziti – but only the way my dad makes it
* Sesame chicken – or really any Chinese food
3 things I am looking forward to:
* Seeing Bon Jovi and Kid Rock at Giants Stadium this Friday night – I haven’t been to a concert in forever
* Going on vacation in December – we are starting to plan now…can’t wait to go back to the beach
* This week to be over – with my boss away work has been crazy, but he’s back next week
There you have it…more fun Shana facts.  I’m going to tag…anyone who wants to do this.  Who is going to go next?
If you are in a state that is also melting today…stay cool!  Hopefully the heat wave will be over soon…


  1. Oh McDreamy…. he totally is. It’s the hair, eyes and smile.

  2. okay – my top 2 places I want to visit are 1) NTY and 2) Graceland! So I should just come visit you then we’ll both head down to Graceland! Perfect! Two birds with one stone.

  3. Pizza and Diet Coke=good stuff. Also McDreamy. I want to go to Italy too.

  4. I don’t know how many people would classify New York as boring – we could do a house swap and I’ll show you what boring really looks like!
    Wilzie and I went to the Dominican the year before last (Puerto Plata) and we loved it too! I think our next “beach” holiday will be Cuba.

    • I just thought “Wait, how is she going to Cuba…there are travel restrictions.” Then I remembered that you are Canadian. I guess that’s just another nice thing about being Canadian.

  5. Is it ok if I start calling you Bubsy Head on here all the time? <3 I used to watch Golden Girls with my grandmother too!

  6. I love these memes…I will probably snag it!
    I have never watched a full episode of Grey’s…but I’ve loved Patrick since I was a kid and saw ‘Can’t buy me Love’…I’ve lost count on how many times I watched it. He was adorable!

    I CAN’T believe you are going to see a double-header of the most awesome kind on Friday!
    KID Rock AND BonJovi?? How lucky are you? Love those two. Wishing you an awesome time and hoping that the heatwave is almost over…you guys are getting it about 10 degrees worse than we are.

  7. I love it! “Even bad pizza is good pizza.” AMEN SISTER!! I don’t know what it is about pizza that just CALLS me. I love pizza. I tried to make it on wheat tortillas once just to make it healthier…but no dice. It HAS to be dough. Also, when you finally do get to Italy, you should be warned…they don’t put sugar in their pizza dough AND they only use 1 or 2 toppings. The supreme pizza is an American thing. I just want you to be warned. I was a little disappointed..but only a little.

    And it’s frying down here. But it’s the deep south. I think it’s supposed to do that.

  8. one of my nicknames is ‘BS’. it doesn’t stand for what most people think, but still.

  9. Hope you’re staying cool, Shana. As I’m typing I literally have a fan about 2 feet away from me and it’s pathetically swishing the hot air around my living room. Awesome.

    I love the Real Housewives of NJ, too. Also, NY HW but NJ is a guilty pleasure for me.

    Have a great time on Friday–I bet that will be a great show!!!

  10. Oh!!! Me me! I’m next! This one sounds like fun!

    Bubsy Head… *aw* I always thought it would be fun to be a camp counselor. Did you love it?

    Also… I am now craving Orange Chicken from Panda Express due to your expressed love of Chinese food.

    Have fun at the concert! I’ve only been to one in my entire life and I had to leave early. How lame is that?

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