Better late than never…

So I had every intention of posting the winner of the giveaway yesterday.  But then I didn’t.  See, yesterday I didn’t get out of bed until 12:30 in the afternoon.  J and I ate a leisurely breakfast and then we went into the backyard to do some manual labor…during the very hottest part of the day.  Oh…and did I mention we are having a heat wave in NY?  Yup, that’s right…it was 98 degrees out and we decided that moving pavers and pulling weeds in direct sunlight was a good way to spend the afternoon.  We are not smart.  At least we stopped short of digging holes for the new fence posts that we are going to be installing. 

Needless to say…I never managed to sit down at my computer long enough to get a post completed.  Please forgive me for making you wait an extra day.  Now…without further ado…the winner of this lovely necklace


Christine from Raised Queer!  Congratulations!  Email me your information and I will send the necklace out this week.

Also…good news…there is going to be a second chance drawing.  Juliann was kind enough to send me something extra and I will be giving it away this Friday.  It will be a second chance drawing and everyone will be eligible…excecpt Christine…because she already won.

I hope everyone had a great 4th and a relaxing long weekend.  Now get back to work!


  1. I am so FREAKIN’ psyched! Thank you so much, Shana! I must also thank all the lucky stars I wished upon and, of course, my Mamas. 😀
    I’ll get you my info ASAP! And I’d like to wish truckloads of good luck to the other participants on Friday!

  2. Awe, sad I didn’t win but excited there’s another giveaway!

  3. HEY! I hear it’s hot up there! That means you have total and legitimate reason to lay by a pool and drink frothy things and only leave that to go get a pedicure inside an air conditioned building. Tell J I said so!

    And is it just me, or is everyone doing jewelry these days?? I guess I’m going to have to find a new niche. Maybe a line of jewel-encrusted thongs is going to be my new thing…

  4. Uggggh is this heat too much or what? I’m dying down here! And tomorrow is supposed to be worse than today was!

    Congratulations to Christine!! I know that necklace is going to look fabulous on her!

  5. Congrats to Christine! That is one beautiful necklace :)

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