1. Well that stinks – they could have at least opened up another theatre for you to watch the movie!!!!

    I’m not a sparkle vampire fan but I do enjoy people with so much passion over something. I wish that the books I loved had movies that did them justice, that often seems few and far between!!!


  2. Just like I said to Salt, I have no idea what you just said.

    Except the Happy Birthday to your mom part.

    Happy Birthday Shana’s mom!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Shana’s Mom! Since you’re a reader now, we’ll have to do it up big next year & dedicate a whole week of birthday posts to you! WooHoo!

    Oh, I do ♥ all things sparkly vampires…I do! I didn’t, however, get to see an early showing and in fact I probably won’t be seeing it until next Tues or Wed at the earliest.
    Now if you would’ve asked me a year and 1/2 ago…I swear I’d have shrugged and said something about how I only like grown-up vamp flicks…but not anymore. I am so glad I gave the movies a chance…(even though I couldn’t get through the books).

  4. You could not pay me to watch sparkly vampires. Or any kind of vampires. Ever. We will just have to agree to disagree.

    Except you are wrong.


    Love you.

    There is not a movie in the world I would have endured what you endured for the vampires. Not a movie in the world.

  5. I definitely want to see the movie but I’m for sure waiting til it won’t be crowded. I go to like 4 movies a year because I don’t like sitting in theaters for a long time. I pretty much just go see Harry Potter Movies, Twilight movies and Sex and the City movies.

  6. I feel so left out, because I never got in on the sparkly vampire craze. I do have to admit that I’m curious, but I just don’t have the time right now to attempt to read the books, and I don’t see movies based on books until I’ve read the books, because the movies are never as good and then the book is ruined for me.

    I’m glad your evening wasn’t ruined! Sounds like poor planning on the part of the event organizers!

    Happy, Happy, Happy birthday to your mom! :-)

  7. I wish I could get in on the Vampire craze but I just haven’t been able to. :(

  8. Happy (belated!) birthday to your mum :)

    I can’t wait to see sparkly vampires!! I still have to see sex and the city 2 though. I’m way behind in the times…

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