I had planned on a different post today…one filled with favorite photos and other kinds of goodness.  However, I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus and I have lost my ability to think.  I have a sinus infection.  Yup…I’m super excited about it.

On Saturday afternoon, after spending the entire day outdoors with J, I went to get a mani/pedi.  The whole time I was outside, I had no allergy issues at all.  The minute I walked into the nail place…bam, stuffy nose and sneezing.  I sat there like that for two hours while they fixed my dry feet and ragged cuticles and then I went home.  I started to feel better when I got home, so J and I started watching a movie.  A few minutes in…bam, stuffy nose and sneezing.  I took some Sudafed, hoping it would stop, but no such luck.  What it did do was make me tired…so much for non-drowsy.

So I was sitting there, fighting sleep because I knew if I fell asleep congested like that I would end up getting a sinus infection.  I tried so hard, but man was that movie boring…I don’t even remember what we were watching!  So off to bed I went.

I woke up at 3 AM with a horrible headache and completely unable to breathe.  I tried blowing my nose and when that was unsuccessful, I knew it was all over!  Infection.  Dammit.

I called the doctor, who is used to this with me.  She called in a prescription for me, which I started taking right away.  J and I had to go to his mom’s yesterday for her surprise birthday party, so I took a shower and felt much better.  We headed off to the party and by the time we got there I felt like crap.  I suffered through for a few hours, but then we had to leave.  I felt bad since I had been looking forward to this party for a month. 

We got home and I didn’t feel any better.  Trying to sleep without breathing isn’t an easy thing to do.  I tried laying in bed but the dogs were laying on me so I got hot.  Then I tried laying in the recliner, but it wouldn’t stay reclined.  Then I went to the guest room and I finally ended up falling asleep for about 20 minutes as a time.  It wasn’t really restful and I got up feeling worse than when I went to bed.

There was an accident on the highway this morning so the bus took an extra 40 minutes to get to the city.  Feeling crappy and being trapped on the bus don’t mix well for me.  Which leaves me at right now…I am at work because tomorrow is the deadline for estimated tax payments and I have piles of things to finish.  I feel like hell.  I’m starving and the deli is taking like an hour delivering my breakfast.  I just want to go home and bury my head under the covers.  So I’m going to get some things done and try to get the hell out of here early.  I have a feeling that tomorrow I’ll be posting from home. 

Hope everyone’s Monday is going better than mine!


  1. The Deli delivers your breakfast? What?

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

    • Oh yeah…they deliver. Normally I go there to pick up because delivery takes forever. But I just didn’t have it in me this morning. So they delivered. It’s a perk to being in the city.

  2. i had 5 sinus infections in 9 months when i was pregnant with my son. fun times.

    i hope you’re better soon!

    • Oh God…that sounds miserable. I don’t even know what I would do after 5 infections in 9 months. Cry? Scream? Stop getting out of bed? I seriously would rather have a stomach virus. This is just miserable.

  3. Oh yuck I’m sorry you dont feel well! I’m afraid I suffered the same pain this weekend, totally sucked :(

  4. Oh noooooooo!!! Sinus infections turn me into a whiny sniveling baby. I had one just before the wedding and it was the worst. I hope you get well soon and we will all be anxiously awaiting your epic picture post!

  5. As someone who suffers from chronic sinus infections, averaging about 4-6 a year, I feel for you. They’re the absolute worst and seem to drain your energy in no time!

    I hope you’re able to make it through today, and that tomorrow offers and opportunity for rest and recouping. Drink plenty of clear, hot fluids to help empty out the sinus cavity!

  6. I guess I can count myself pretty lucky in the sinus department…one in the winter & one in the summer and that’s that. The script cleans me up in no time. I’ll try not to whine about it, since I see that one could be saddled every other month…GAH.
    So sorry to hear that you’re feeling so crappy! Nothing like being sick and hot and unable to sleep. SUCKS out loud!
    Wishing you a quick recovery.

  7. I hate being sick and not being able to breather. I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Oh yuck hon, that is not good at all. Feel better soon!

  9. oh no! :( i hope you feel better! i have horrid seasonal allergy issues, but luckily have never had a sinus infection…as far as i know at least. there have been days when i wanted to rip my nose off & i thought my face might explode though. no bueno.
    hope the rest of your week is better!!

  10. So sorry to hear that. Sinus infections are the worst :( Please rest up and do feel better soon!!!

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