Random Musings Friday…

Another week gone.  I feel like time is just flying.  I mean…it was just Christmas and now it’s June!  How did that happen?  Maybe it’s because I’m getting old.  I remember being a kid and it felt like summer took forever to arrive and then lasted forever.  Anyone else feel like time is zooming by them?

Anyway…on to this week’s random musings…

  • One night this week, I was walking through the subway and two people were fighting.  They were yelling and cursing and insulting each other’s mothers…it was a doozy.  And I was totally fascinated.  I didn’t stop to watch because that would have been rude and potentially dangerous.  So I continued on my way and got on the escalator…then I turned around and watched them scream at each other until I got to the top.  I find that I do things like this whenever I see a fight or argument break out in public.  Does this make me a freak?  I think, no, considering there were so many people standing around, watching.  What is it about watching people make a scene in public that is so damn interesting?  If you see something like that, do you stop to watch?
  • Right now J and I are having a war of our own.  It’s a silent war filled with sneaky, covert operations and strategic planning.  The object of the war…the blender.  See, my kitchen is small (I wish I’d thought to take pictures…) and I have very limited storage space.  I have no options for my small appliances but to leave them on the counter, but I have limited counter space too.  And I hate having a cluttered kitchen.  Normally, the blender lives in the corner, next to the toaster and out of the way.  However, J has been making smoothies a lot lately and wants the blender more accessible.  I moved some things around to make room for it on the other side of the kitchen and placed it on the opposite counter, in front of a window.  J has decided that “blenders do not belong in front of the window” and moved it to squeeze it in between a jar of dog treats and the standing mixer.  There is no room for it there and now everything is crammed together and there is a big open space.  This drove me up the wall.  So I moved it back to the window.  When I came back into the kitchen later, it was moved again.   I finally yelled that it’s my blender and he’s not allowed to touch it.  He ignored me and moved it again after I went to sleep.  This will continue for weeks I’m sure.  Wait until he finds out that I also ordered a new coffee table without telling him.  Ah, the things you have to do to amuse yourself after ten years together.
  • I guess I was in a bit of a nesting mode this week and while I was home on Wednesday, playing hooky from work, I made a little trip to Bed Bath and Beyond.  While I was there I decided to buy new runners for the entry and hallway downstairs.  I chose the softest ones I could find because the dogs like to lay on the rugs while we are at work.  Well…J went one step further.  He dragged both runners together and covered them with a blanket to make a larger, even softer area for the girls to lay.  Apparently, this was not good enough for Sadie…who is a princess.  J was watching her on the petcam and he called to tell me that she had balled the blanket up and made it into a pillow and then proceeded to sprawl out on the rugs with her hed on the blanket.  Do you think my dogs might be a little too pampered?  I blame J…he’s ridiculous with them.  I am totally sane and never, ever sit on the floor so they can lay on the couch…especially not last night…
  • There is a woman on the bus who has the best shoe collection I’ve ever seen and she’s always wearing 4 inch stilettos.  To commute.  I wear sneakers or Crocs or flip flops…never heels.  Ever.  She and I get off at the same stop and we both go to the same deli every morning for breakfast.  I swear, she beats me there every freaking day.  Today…she was walking out by the time I was walking in.  How does she do it?  I’m wearing flats, people!  She’s in stilettos! 
  • Speaking of people on the bus…there is this guy at my bus stop most days.  He’s pretty quiet, but I’ve always gotten a really strange vibe from him.  After a few months of seeing each other every morning, he started saying hi to me.  So I would say hi back and smile.  Then one day, he got off the bus at my stop, which I found out is 20 blocks earlier than his stop, and he walked with me all the way to my office.  I was a little creeped out, but whatever…he seemed harmless.  I mentioned J a lot during that walk and he never did it again.  Well, his behavior is getting stranger.  He insists on being the first one to get on the bus and will push people out of the way to be first.  It’s not a crowded bus and there are plenty of seats, so I don’t get it.  Sometimes, he’ll get on and stamp his feet all the way to his seat and swing his bag around really close to people’s heads.  He’s also taken to staring at people and lifting his sunglasses every few minutes so you know he’s staring at you.  This morning, he stood in his usual spot, waiting for the bus to stop.  As soon as she opened the doors, he turned away really fast and sort of violently and stepped aside.  Then he glared at the driver until she pulled away.  He didn’t have a problem with her yesterday, but he seems to today.  Strange, right?

Wow…that was a long post for me on a Friday.  If you made it this far…thanks…for listening to all my random crap.  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.  I’ll see you back here next week with my five favorite pictures, the results from my Brazilian hair straightening treatment and the trials and tribulations of finishing the install of our central air!  I’m sure you can’t wait…


  1. Hold up – petcam??? WTH is that?

    And please stay far, far away from psycho bus guy. I feel he’s mentally unstable. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest you change buses.

  2. The petcam is this little Panasonic camera that we have in the living room that broadcasts a streaming video of the dogs to a website and we can watch them while we are at work.


    It’s the best thing we ever bought.

  3. The bus stop guy sounds creepy. Stay away from him!

  4. when i worked in dc (commuted via metro/subway) i always wore heels. always. but i was young and naive to what that does to your feet. and walking around dc is horrible on your shoes too. the heels of my shoes would be ravaged by brick walkways that i could no longer wear them. ugh.

  5. I agree with cher. Bus man sounds scary.

    Ok, let’s talk blender situation. Can you move something in the cluttered area near the window besides the blender? The dog treat jar or whatever.

    And I am laughing at Princess Sadie and her special pillow.

  6. I have appliance/space issues too. My husband has tried to move stuff into far away cabinets. Stuff that I use a lot. I was just not having that.

  7. I know the perfect way to end the blender dilemma! Throw it in the gargage. Take That, J man! ROFL. Maybe hide it in the closed when he falls asleep? I dunno.

    I love love love your commuting stories. I would move to NYC just for the entertainment. And? It doesn’t even cost anything, right? Maybe a busfare or two and some coffee? Awesome. I wouldn’t just watch the fight, I’d referee. 😀

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  8. I know the perfect way to end the blender dilemma! Throw it in the garbage. Take That, J man! ROFL. Maybe hide it in the closed when he falls asleep? I dunno.

    I love love love your commuting stories. I would move to NYC just for the entertainment. And? It doesn’t even cost anything, right? Maybe a busfare or two and some coffee? Awesome. I wouldn’t just watch the fight, I’d referee. 😀

    Wishing you a great weekend!

    (p.s. If this double posts…I’m sorry! I caught a huge ass typo where I suggested you throw the blender in the garage(I think) and duh! 1st place they look! Right? Anyway, I stopped the send and whatever…ramble nut)

  9. Okay, so it posted. Twice. With errors each time. I can’t stand myself. Especially because I’m so neurotic that I’ll send you THREE comments because of typos.

    I know. I need help. Or a nap.

    • Dude, you are so funny! You also have an fabulous idea brewing in my little noggin. Stay tuned for the details…

      • I came back to check if you were like, OMFG get offa my blog! I’m relieved.

        And I’m feeling better now. I ate about a dozen of the best buffalo boneless chicken wings. Amazing what a little food will do for your blog spasms:)

        Will come back for the deets. Exciting!

  10. Too bad you weren’t in my neighbourhood last weekend – I got into a doozy of a screaming match with my crazy neighbour. Not proud of it, but the psycho had it coming!
    Oh yeah, totally stay away from the bus guy. Way creepy!

  11. That’s awesome you have a petcam :) Your dogs sound pampered, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. How can you ever deny them when they give you THE FACE!?!?

    Yikes, I would steer clear of that bus stalker. We had the cops called in a few weeks ago; something similar happened with a young female coworker. Scary stuff!

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