I am so not Carrie Bradshaw…

I have a friend who lives in the ‘burbs with his wife and four kids.  He calls me regularly, wanting to hear stories of what he calls my glamourous-single-girl-in-the-big-city life.  I find this really amusing because…

  1. I haven’t been a single girl in 10 years.  I mean, I know I’m not married but I’ve been in a committed relationship with J since 2000.  It’s been a really long time since I was going out and meeting guys or doing remotely resembling that.  J and I have been like two little old married people since about two months into the relationship.
  2. I don’t live in the “big city”.  I live in the ‘burbs just like he does.  While I work in the city and he doesn’t, it’s still not glamorous.  My office could be anywhere.  And lastly…
  3. I am just about the furthest thing from glamorous.  Seriously…I know he’s sitting there picturing Carrie Bradshaw dashing across the street in her stilettos and with her fancy clothes and designer bags.  The reality is so disappointing after that.  Because most of the time, it’s sneakers instead of stilettos.  And while I do have the Carrie flair for bags down, you never see her lugging a grocery bag with a change of shoes, makeup and various other accoutrements along with her Dior. 

I’ll just give you a little example of my glamorous life.  I have a cold, so I was kind to J and slept in the guest room last night so as not to spread my germs.  (He just got over a cold and, so help me, if he gets sick again I might have to smother his whiny ass with a pillow.)  The dogs woke me up at 6 and I fed them and took them out.  By 6:15 I was picking up dog poop…so glamourous!  Then I took my time watching the news and got into the shower late.  By the time I was showered and dressed, I didn’t have time to do my hair (makeup never gets done at home during the week).  So I ran downstairs, threw on a sweater and my Crocs sandals (they look better with a dress than Converse sneakers) and gathered up my shoes, makeup bag, breakfast, lunch and a curling iron and made a mad dash for the bus.

When I got off the bus I dragged my purse and my extra bag of crap to the deli, where I got yet another bag (this one filled with Diet Coke and watermelon) to carry along.  I stumbled up Madison with my frizzy hair and makeup free face and all my “luggage” and of course I run into a friend of ours from years ago.  I run into him periodically and always when I look my worst.  I wonder if he feels bad for J and walks away thinking that the poor guy thought he was getting a hot girlfriend and ended up with a hag.  Anyway, I left him and kept walking.  It’s kind of windy today and by the time I got to my building my sweater was half hanging off, my bra strap had fallen, my hair was all over the place and I could barely get the front door of the building open without dropping all my stuff.  Oh and once when the wind blew my dress almost went up and I almost flashed all of Madison Ave my undies.  I was seriously a disaster!

Luckily, I came upstairs and was able to get myself together.  I plugged in my curling iron and smoothed out my hair.  I changed into very cute espadrilles.  I put on makeup, spritzed some perfume and accessorized with the most awesome necklace from Daisy and Elm.  I finally look normal again…though I’m still far from glamorous.  When I sat back down at my desk my phone rang and it was my friend wanting to know if I did anything exciting this weekend.  When I told him I spent the weekend in my pjs, sitting in the bedroom in front of the air conditioner, he was sorely disappointed.

Anyone else have a fabulous and/or glamorous weekend?


  1. I’m definitely not Carrie. I more of a flip flop girl than a stilletto girl. But I did see SATC2 this weekend. Very enjoyable. I read the bad reviews also but I’m pretty sure if you like SATC then you like the movie.

  2. At least you get to see Orlando Bloom from time to time!

    I spent my weekend on the sidelines of a soccer pitch. Not so glamorous either!

  3. I love this story – it’s SO true to life. I’m sure even Carrie would appreciate it.

    It reminds me of something Sally Fields would do in a movie, and a romantic comedy at that so I think you’ve got it all down to a science girl! :)

    I am SO not fashionable or trendy during the week. I often feel like I should do more but when you work in a warehouse and it’s dirty and gross the last thing you want to do is wear a nice pair of shoes or clothes or bother with your hair.


  4. No glamour this weekend for me. I did go to a party at a restaurant, but it is one of our local haunts and is more of a dive than anything else. I did dress up a bit though.

    I work in an office with mostly very fashion conscious women, so I usually do myself up pretty well during the week too. Then again, I also work a couple miles from home so I can primp until the last minute before I need to be here. :)

  5. Glamorous? The one that starts with a G? HA, I wore boxers and worked in the garden for most of the weekend. That was when I wasn’t pulling a Cinderella and getting rid of cobwebs in the laundry room.
    I have a mega ton of cuteness in the closet. Once in the while I pull it out, but not often and not this past weekend.

  6. It’s hard to rock the cuteness when commuting to the city. I totally feel your pain. My commute isn’t too bad (I come in from Hoboken) but I have a good 20-minute walk to the PATH station in the morning and then a few blocks more when I get out so I’m not busting my ass in stilletos. But I think it’s why I love movies like SATC. Totally unrealistic, but I can appreciate that there are real-life Carries running around looking glamorous. I’m perfectly content if I make it to the office without looking like a total frizz-ball with a hole in my pants. That’s a good day :)

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