Random Musings Friday…Aruba Edition…

I planned to post about my vacation yesterday, but then I got to work and found 154 emails waiting for me…most of which were annoying crap that put me in a bad mood.  Welcome back to reality, right?  But I have finally gotten my act together and I’m in a better mood this morning…mostly because I’ve been looking at my vacation pics and reminiscing. 

Now, I’m not a big drinker…I enjoy a glass of wine or champagne here and there.  But on this trip I started my mornings off with Pina Coladas at 9AM, when the bar opened and that’s pretty much all I drank while I was there.  It was so beautiful and relaxing.  Floating around the pool with a drink in hand, taking a nap in the sun, eating everything bad for me, but oh so yummy.  It was a great vacation…long overdue for J and me.  We had a great time.   

And now, without further ado…I bring you my random musings while I was away along with a few pictures to make you feel like you were there…

  • The airlines give you acceptable dimensions for a carry-on bag for a reason.  It’s because there is limited space on the plane.  What did you think was going to happen…that the overhead compartment was just going to stretch to fit your overstuffed bag?  And are you moving to Aruba?  No, then why do you have three huge suitcases and a guitar?
  • As we got off the plane I heard the following phrase repeated over and over by different people…”It’s really hot and the humidity is killing me.”  Really?  What did you expect?  You are on a tropical island that is like five minutes from the equator…did you think it was going to be cold?
  • OK, people, just because you can get that bathing suit up, doesn’t mean it fits you.  Please think of the rest of us and cover up!  Guys, this applies to you too…if your gut hangs so far over your Speedo that I can’t actually see any fabric, please put some shorts on.
  • Along the same lines, God bless you if you are 70 and your parts are still firm enough that you can rock a bathing suit without a skirt…but maybe you want to lay off the bikini.  Also, when the belly chain gets stuck in the folds of your sagging skin, maybe it’s time to lose it.  (An aside from J…it’s not 1972 anymore…maybe it’s time to lose the belly chain altogether!)
  • People…it’s a pool, not a toilet.  I know it’s kind of a far walk to the bathroom and there’s the yuckiness of having to pee while in a wet bathing suit, but really…you aren’t six.  Peeing in the pool is not acceptable.  And please don’t try to convince me that you aren’t.  You’ve been drinking since 9AM and you haven’t gotten out of the pool once. 
  • New Yorkers get a pretty bad rep for being rude, but I have an issue with that.  Personally, I’m very nice.  I help people on the subway and stop to give people directions.  I smile and make eye contact.  I think there are a lot of people like me in NY.  There were a lot of people in Aruba who were from the south and the midwest.  They were all rude assholes.  They were nasty to the staff of the hotel and restaurants, they cut in front of you while you were waiting for a drink at the bar, they were loud and obnoxious and used lots of foul language, even though it was a family resort.  One guy was so eager to cut in front of me at the lunch buffet that he knocked the plate out of my hand and didn’t even apologize.  I’m not saying that all people from the south and midwest are like that…but not all NYers are rude and mean.  Assholes come from everywhere.  Give us NYers a break, would ya!

And some pictures for your viewing pleasure…

Feeling the sand in my toes...


Sunset from our balcony...


All the necessities...a Pina Colada, sunglasses and my nook...I think this pic was taken at 9AM...


The only picture of me from the whole trip...wearing J's hat...


My favorite palm tree...


I think this picture demonstrates how much we had to drink...


My friend Iggy...who came to see me every morning...


This guy wasn't as friendly as Iggy...


And finally...the gorgeous sunset...


Ah…I wish I was back there.  We had such a great time that we have started planning our next vacation.  We are thinking of going to Breezes in Curacao or Excellence in Punta Cana, probably the first week in November.  Anyone been to Breezes?  We’ve been to Excellence and it was so great, but we’d really like to go somewhere new.  Any recommendations?  Anyone want to come with us???

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh how awesome! I love! Your pics were great…I could almost image the heat and seeing the little critters running around. I’m such a dork, I’d have been talking to Iggy in a really crappy geico voice..like g’day & stuff.

    People weeing in the pool? Gross. Not even drunk, have I ever pissed my pants. (well, once when I was preggo, but doesn’t count b/c at least I tried to make it) They really should come up w/something that makes the pee turn purple or something…I think that would put a stop to it.

    Maybe if enough people sign up to go w/you and J….there’d be group rates? 😉

  2. Glad you had a good vacation! Your pictures are awesome.

    Ummmmm…ewwwwwwwwww on the pool as toilet. People are disgusting!!

    Also, I agree that rude mean people come from everywhere. Being from Minnesota, I can tell you the whole “Minnesota Nice” thing is a bunch of BS. We have some of the rudest, most passive-aggressive, self-important people around.

    I have a couple awards for you on my blog!

  3. LOVE the sunset pictures! Glad you had a great time.

  4. So jealous! Glad you had a great trip!

  5. Yes, rude assholes flock from everywhere.

    Those pictures are amazing!! And yes, yes! I want to go with next time. I have never been anywhere in the Atlantic. Sad, right?

  6. Nice pictures. Looks like you had an awesome time. I like pineapple a lot so I really go in to pina coladas on my honeymoon. I also enjoy a nice Sea Breeze drink when I’m on vacay.

  7. LMAO!!!! Seriously, does anyone wear belly chains anymore?? (apparently they do, but this is all news to me). Sounds like you had a great trip though. Welcome back (allow yourself some time to settle in to the swing of things).

    Love your pictures :)

    PS–November is a great time to go to the Caribbean.

  8. helloooo heaven! Your nook looks like my kind of place to hang out. I’m so glad you had fun and your randoms cracked me up!!! ox

    You know what is so crazy – talking about different people from different places etc. When some friends and I went to Costa Rica for vacation – we stayed in a nice place there and we were in the pool enjoying our day and over heard a whole crowd of people that had arrived a few days after us. They were a big party all there on vacation together – a work party/celebration/vacation – they were the staff at our favorite beach bar back home in Maryland (Secrets Bar) in Ocean City – what are the odds??? Come all the way to paradise to enjoy the beach and find the staff from your favorite bar back home :) small world!

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