Random Musings Friday…er, Thursday…

Random Musings are being brought to you early this week.  You see…as you read this, I’m sitting on a plane on my way to Aruba for my much needed and well deserved vacation.  There will be some guest bloggers here tomorrow and Monday, filling in for me while I get tan and read trashy chic lit (and Twilight…don’t judge me).  But just because I won’t be here on Friday, doesn’t mean I don’t have a bunch of random crap to share with you this week.  So here you go…Random Musings, the early edition…

  • It’s an awesome start to the day when you pour milk on your cereal, only to find it’s curdled and spoiled.  It’s especially awesome when that milk had been fresh the day before.  Oh…and even better when you are on a special diet and that cereal was all you had for breakfast.  The only thing that makes this whole scenario better is when it happens on Monday morning.
  • It drives me nuts when I’m reading a book that is a sequel to another book and the author spends 50 pages reminding you of everything you just read in the last book.  I understand that this is necessary for people who didn’t read the first book to understand what is happening in the current book.  Or for people who read the first book a while ago and need a refresher.  But when I read the books back to back, it kind of irks me.
  • It makes me really happy that Kate Gosselin got kicked of Dancing with the Stars this week.  Watching her dance was painful or, as Bruno put it, like watching her partner Tony push a shopping cart around the floor.  I had to fast forward every time.  I think I’d prefer watching Jon Gosselin hit on chicks in a bar than watching Kate dance for another week.

That’s all I have for this week…short week, short list.  Make sure to stop by tomorrow and check out the fabulous ladies who will be filling in for me while I’m off sunning myself. 

Have a great week everyone…I’ll miss you while I’m gone!


  1. I feel THE SAME WAY about the book thing. My hatred started way back in the day when I read The Babysitter’s Club. I used to skip the whole first chapter. So obnoxious.

    When I get books published (and I so will!) I promise not to do that if I have sequels. Instead I’ll write READ THE FIRST BOOK FIRST!!!

  2. Ugh – Kate is a mess, I can’t stand her and she is a horrible dancer! I would totally watch Jon hit on chicks at a bar – the turn downs would be so entertaining and his lines would make me laugh for sure!

    They should have a choose your own adventure option for books like the one you described. 1st page – if you remember all of what happened in the last novel please skip forward to page 55.

    Ugh – having bad milk is just as bad as going for your milk and realizing there isn’t even enough in the damn milk container for a 2 year old to have a sip of milk – WHY IS IT IN THE FRIDGE STILL!?!?!?!?

    Have a great vacation girl!!! ox

  3. Yeah, Sweet Valley High was also really bad at repeating the description of the characters. Jessica is girly and has pink room. Elizabeth is smart and has a blue room. Have a great trip!

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