I am a bad packer…

Seriously…the worst.  Either I forget half of what I need or I bring WAY too much stuff.  I’m trying to be really organized about this upcoming trip.  I am determined to bring just one bag and my purse…no extra carry-on and no shoving things into J’s bag.  I’m going to travel like a normal person.

The initial round of packing did not go well…basically I ended up throwing my entire summer wardrobe on top of my suitcase and then I realized it would never actually all fit inside.  Besides…I’m leaving for 6 days…not 6 months.  So I began to edit.  I took out two skirts and a pair of sandals.  Not enough editing. 

So I decided to start over…and this time to start with a list.  I sat down with my pen and paper and started writing.  Three sun dresses…two skirts…one pair of capris…three t-shirts…brown shoes…black shoes…three bathings suits with matching sarongs/tunics…flip flops for the beach…underwear, bras and socks.  Great start, right.  Then I got to toiletries.  I never quite realized how many products it takes to make me presentable each day.  I can’t list everything here…because you’d be bored and it would take hours.  But I will tell you that, among other things, it involves two hair brushes, three types of moisturizer, two different curling irons, an entire bag of makeup and three kinds of hair product.  That’s not even getting into the realm of things like deodorant and toothpaste…and allergy medicine…can’t forget that.  Wait, did I talk about electronic devices and the accompanying chargers?  Right, so there’s the two blackberries, the camera, the two iPods and the nook…and they all use different chargers.

My list is like a whole page, back and front.  I know that half of what I bring I’m not going to use.  But if I don’t bring something, that’s the thing I’m going to need.  I’m going to do a last edit on the list tonight, just before I put everything into my bag…wish me luck that it all fits.  And that nothing causes a strip search at the airport!


  1. I am a HORRIBLE packer! I can so understand what you mean. I have never once went anywhere where I didn’t think of something that I should have brought and didn’t use half the crap I did take.
    I guess that’s just part of vacation. I’d be interested if there is anyone that is good at it. Maybe they could write a manual:)

  2. It is my theory that it’s always better to have way too much with you than too little. For this reason, my entire closet tends to come with me when I’m on vacation. It’s nice to have options!

    I tried to do the list thing before we went for the wedding and I just ended up throwing in double the amount that I had written down anyway. List fail.

  3. My packing tip is to bring only one base color (black or brown, etc) then you only have to bring one (or two) pairs of shoes with to match everything! It has SERIOUSLY helped me to overpack less. PLUS then everything you bring is interchangeable, cause Lord knows that I “won’t feel like” wearing what I packed once I get there!

    Happy Traveling!

  4. I love making lists which gives the impression that I’m on top of my packing, but I suck at it. I never seem to bring the right clothing and am known to forget a cute little wrap/sweater in case it gets chilly at night or something else I could use. But if you have the flip-flops, you’re good. Those are important :)

    Where you going?? Have a GREAT, safe trip!

  5. Girlfriend, wait until you have to start packing for kids, too. It’s like tornado season around here the day before a major trip.


  6. I used to be so bad. When I travel WITH my husband, I still lean toward overpacking, but when I fly solo, I’m super good at it. I recently posted a photo of my ONE CARRYON BAG I took out of town…and it was my daughter’s old diaper bag, too! ha! I was SO proud of myself. I find packing things I can mix match with each other works wonders…oh and ditching all the things I ‘think’ I may need, but know I really don’t.

    Good luck! Have a safe trip!


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