Happy tax day…

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I was going to tell some accounting jokes today, but then I realized that accounting jokes are only funny to accountants.  So I leave you with my favorite Peanuts cartoon ever and I’m off to finish a few last returns.  I hope everyone has filed their returns by now…


  1. HOORAY!! I thought about you this morning on my way in to work. Happy happy tax day to you!

    Snoopy is so cute.

    I did my taxes back in February and I know of at least one person that has filed an extension.

  2. I filed my federal long ago…then about 11:30pm realized I hadn’t filed my state…

  3. Yay. I hope your work starts to slow down now.

  4. I finally filed my business taxes (well for the city and school) on April 13th (mostly because I thought “how hard can they be??” and then found out the hard way). Congrats on surviving another tax season. You would think the LEAST Orlando could do was make a congratulatory appearance. SHEESH! MEN!!

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