On the lookout…

Ok, ladies.  I’ve got the camera ready and I’m watching for the next Orlando sighting.  Right now, the drapes are closed and there have been no signs of movement from inside the apartment.  But I’ll keep watching and definitely snap away if he makes an appearance.

Luckily, there are only 4 more days of the torture that is tax season.  Unfortunately…the taxes, they are calling me.  So I can’t stick around and chat with you today.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend and I’ll be sure to pop back in if I have anything interesting to report.

BTW – go check out Jessalyn’s awesome giveaway – it’s a must for Champagne Friday.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my gosh I can just see you waiting with your camera. Too funny!

  2. I think someone needs to take a picture of you waiting with your camera. And we will be waiting here to see what kind of Orlando Magic you capture.

  3. I seriously don’t know how you can work. I’d have my tounge….er…face plastered to the window.

  4. You could tape a sign to your window that reads something like:
    ‘I heart U, O! I need a pic to get me through tax season…maybe tomorrow @ noon?’

    Who knows? Maybe he’ll come out just for you. I’m LOLing, but will be OMGing if he did.

  5. ooooh maybe you can sell your pic to tmz. they pay big bucks for those types of pics! especially if you can catch him doing something scandalous!

    yay for getting yourself another entry in my contest! you will be needing the champagne after thursday!! :)

  6. I will only wish you luck on Jessalyn’s giveaway because you have almost survived tax season and that in itself deserves a very special Champagne Friday. Otherwise, I would totally arm wrestle you for it. SOMETIMES there is champagne left over…like at Christmas when I buy the 2-liter. So…

    And I agree with Salt – you need a photo of you waiting to take a photo. That is brilliance. And a little stalkerish. But I won’t tell anybody. Besides, if you can’t be stalkerish for Orlando Bloom, who CAN you be stalkerish for…especially now that Brad Pitt has apparently become a mountain man again.

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