Random Musings Friday…(Updated)

Happy Friday!  I swear, I felt like it would never get here.  But here it is and that means it’s time for my random musings of the week…

  • It’s spring cleaning time in Central Park and they are getting rid of all the leaves from the fall.  They have put up these temporary fences and are piling all the leaves up inside the fences…like giant baskets.  I want to jump in those piles so bad!
  • I have a horrible tendency to hunch over my food when I eat lunch at my desk…kind of like the way people eat in prison.  I don’t know where or when I picked up this habit.  At least it should warn people away from stealing my food.  I will cut a bitch that goes near my salad!
  • Whenever we go somewhere together J makes me drive.  But he doesn’t let me just drive.  He tells me when to change lanes or brake or he critiques everything.  It makes me super nervous.  He also tries to give me directions, even though we have a GPS and he always tells me to go the wrong way.  We get into a fight any time we go somewhere.  From now on I’m thinking of having him sit in the back.  Either that or I’m going to duct tape his mouth until we arrive at our destination.
  • Senior year of college, my roommate took an admissions exam for journalism school.  There was a section where she had to identify different people.  When she came home, she opened the door and said “Who the hell is Tiger Woods?”  It was when he was just starting out in golf and, unless you were a golf fan, you probably didn’t know who he was.  I miss those days!
  • I always find it amusing this time of year…when the weather is changing and you don’t know what to wear.  The other day I was on the train and the person on one side of me had on wool slacks, a sweater and a winter jacket.  The person on the other side of me had on a tank top, a mini skirt and flip-flops. 

One more thing darlings…my SIL is currently in the OR at Beth Israel hospital in New York City undergoing knee replacement surgery.  Please keep her in your thoughts/prayers today and this weekend.  We are hoping for a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery. 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

UPDATE:  SIL is out of surgery and doing very well!!!


  1. I’ll definitely keep your SIL in my thoughts!

    I totally know what you mean about not knowing what to wear – this time of year is SO confusing!

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