My office looks out across the street onto an apartment building on the other side.  The building across the street was recently renovated and the apartments are gorgeous and have no blinds or shades on the windows.  So, being the nosy bitches that we are, me and the two gals I work with regularly check out the goings-on over there. 

I was peeking over there a few minutes ago and I happened to see a rather attractive gentleman sitting on the balcony, smoking a cigarette.  I was turning back to my computer when I realized that the gentleman was Orlando Bloom!

So I called the other girls over to the window and grabbed my camera.  I was just zooming in and trying to get a good angle when he looked up and looked directly at us…three idiots sitting in the window, drooling.  I put my camera down in sheer horror at being caught stalking him and we all ducked a little lower in the windows. 

None of us moved, of course.  We just continued staring while he finished his smoke, got up and…


I am equal parts excited as a school girl that he waved to us and completely mortified at being caught as a celebrity stalker!

Oh how I wish I had a picture to share.  I have my camera at the ready and will snap away if he’s brave enough to re-appear.

For now I will leave you with a photo of the empty balcony…

And a photo of the man that I had to get from Google…

via Google


  1. WAAAAHHHH!!!! You had a much more awesome Friday than I did! Holy hotness! This is when I zipline would have come in handy. :)

    Don’t worry…I’m sure he’s used to stalking.

  2. I would have fallen out of the window! Happy Friday to you! DAMN!

  3. OMG, is RIGHT!!! What a great celebrity sighting (but tease–I thought you were going to share a photo with us). Please keep your camera at the ready 😉

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Holy wow that is the coolest thing! Lucky you! I would have been DROOLING.

  5. Yum-Meee! You MUST get a picture. From now on you need to be at the ready at ALL times. Do you think he lives there or was just visiting? Hopefully the next time he’ll be shirtless. Please report any further sightings immediately.

  6. Holy Hells Bells. You have officially been christened as a celeb stalker now.

    Maybe you can help me report on my Happy Hour and Celebrity Encounters.

    Where town do you live in?!

  7. Oh, he is gorgeous–YUM!! I think I probably would’ve reacted in the same way that you did. Next time, you must get a photo!!! What a way to start the weekend!

  8. THAT is hilarious!! I love it! Oh and don’t worry….I’m sure he’s totally used to women staring at him. hehehe

    GORGEOUS view…even without the Bloom in it! 😉



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