Wordless Wednesday…sort of…and belated…

The taxes…they are killing me!  So I haven’t had a lot of time to put together a post.  I was planning to post this yesterday, but I never got a chance.  So here it is…a day late, but better late than never…

They are mine...all MINE!!! Now go away and leave me alone!!!

That’s Bella…my “niece”.  She doesn’t like to be bothered and she doesn’t like people touching her things.  If you bother her, she will steal your favorite t-shirt while you are in the shower and chew a hole in it.  Don’t fuck with her.  You’ll be sorry. 

That’s kind of how I feel today. 


I hope you are all having a good…and tax-free…week.  Jess…only 7 more days!




  1. Taxes are not killing me but pollen is. My dog prefers a delicious sock to a t-shirt.

  2. That was the kind of day that I had yesterday. :)
    She’s cute!

  3. Aw lol, she’s cute!

  4. she is adorable!!

    we are almost there!! hey, want to do my taxes for me? they aren’t done yet. 😉

  5. I’ll do them…send your stuff over…in an organized fashion please! No shoeboxes or envelopes full of little receipts.

    This is the first year my personal return hasn’t gone on extension. But I was due a fat refund so I filed in February.

    Good luck toots!

  6. She is adorable! I love this picture :)

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