Random Musings Friday…

I’ve decided to make my Random Musings a regular Friday feature…partly because I have all these random thoughts during the week that I want to share, but don’t constitute an entire post by themselves and partly because by Friday I’m really lazy and I don’t want to write a well thought out post with paragraphs and stuff. 

So this week’s random thoughts…

  • People come to NY for vacation and are fascinated by the tall buildings.  It’s unbelievable.  They walk down the street gazing up at the buildings and blocking the sidewalks for those of us trying to get to the train and go home.  I don’t just mean in Times Square or midtown either…because there are billboards and so forth to look at there so I can understand it.  But people do it on every street.  I just don’t get it.  Are there not tall buildings in other places?
  • Whenever I get really bitchy J tells me to eat something because my blood sugar must be low.  I’ve always denied that being hungry makes me a bitch, but I think he’s right.  The other day I was really hungry all day and I was a total nightmare.  I didn’t even want to be around myself.  It was bad.  I took snacks to work the next day.
  • A woman on the bus was telling me how she went to see Bon Jovi last weekend.  She said “I went to see Bon Jovi…he’s so hot.”  Now, that just drive me nuts.  Bon Jovi is a band…4 guys all contributing equally to what has been a very successful act for a very long time.  If you think Jon Bon Jovi is attractive…good for you.  I don’t judge.  But please be specific.  (Note – Bon Jovi was a client of my old firm.  I worked on the personal account of one of the members of the band who is not Jon and I get very offended on his behalf when people fail to recognize his awesomeness.)
  • I got my teeth cleaned the other day and they gave me x-rays.  The hygienist said I had gorgeous teeth with beautiful roots.  Who knew!  My sister-in-law’s gyno also told her she has beautiful ovaries.  I find that hilarious. 
  • I used to think Tiger Woods was the biggest idiot on the planet, but I was wrong.  Jesse James has claimed that title.  Tiger may have banged 97 chicks, but at least he was never photographed in Nazi gear.  Idiot. 
  • I just looked at a pair of Christian Dior Shoes online and thought “Gee those are pretty.”  Then I saw the price…$5,424.  How is it possible for shoes to cost that much???

That’s all for now.  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates it!


  1. Yeah, Jesse James — please. Tiger is all about the luuuuuvvv, James is all about the hate :)

    Beautiful ovaries — HA! I love that you have beautiful roots too. I guess when you’re dentists or gyns, you gotta give compliments somehow!

  2. Stopping by from SITS…enjoyed your post. Happy Easter!

  3. I get the Bon Jovi thing! I loved them all but my fave was Tico:)

    I’m so jel! My roots suck. Most of them either curve inward or outward at the tip…kinda like a tooth cowlick. LMAO.

    We don’t have skyscrapers around here…I get the fascination! But I’m also afraid of heights and prefer not to look up that far, or down for that matter. Gives me chills thinking about it. I guess I have an issue. :)

    Happy Easter! My boss man is a kid at heart and having the employees in this morning for an easter egg hunt. I’m only going for the maybe Cadbury and so his feelings aren’t hurt:) Have a good, relaxing weekend!

  4. Being sleepy makes me bitchy. If Dustin tries to talk to me at bedtime and I’m really tired I can be not so nice.

  5. yes yes yes yes yes. you’re so right about all that! esp jesse.

    and beautiful ovaries. i like that.

  6. Shana! You make me laugh! Hope you had a wonderful Easter ~ Holiday Weekend!

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