You can stand under my umbrella…

It’s raining again.  Most of the tri-state area is just recovering from the last bad storms we had and now it’s raining again and everything is flooding…again.  Practically the entire state of New Jersey is underwater.  It makes me glad I don’t live there.   

The continuing rain poses a problem for me.  I am horrible at hanging onto umbrellas.  I leave them everywhere…on the bus, at someone’s house, in the office.  There are always two or three in the car.  And every single one of them is broken.  I was never a girl scout…being prepared is not my thing.  So I had to scramble around the house this morning to find an umbrella.  I found a half-broken one that I bought on the street last year…on another day when I was unprepared…for $5.  I arrived at work partially soggy and vowing to be more prepared in the future.

I went to the Totes website and ordered 3…yes, 3, umbrellas.  Fancy ones that were slightly pricey and that I will hopefully be less likely to lose.  One of the umbrellas is from the Rihanna collection…yup, she has her own collection of umbrellas.  They are super fancy and I’m going to look all cool and sophisticated while staying dry.  Now that I’m thinking about it, I should have gotten more than 3.  I probably should have gotten 10.  But I thought that would be overkill. 

In other news, Champagne Friday turned out to be a bust.  J ended up getting stuck at work because he has a very prickly client who, believe it or not, cares more about getting his tax returns done than about the fact that I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in a week.  Jerk.  I didn’t want to open a whole bottle of champagne just for me.  Luckily, I had a little bottle that was a favor from a wedding.  So I opened that at drank it all alone.  I was trying to video chat with J, but he was busy so all I got was a brief phone call.  He got home at 2am…long after I’d gone to sleep.  We finally got to spend some time together yesterday, but we were so tired that all we did was lay on the couch, watch tv and nap.  Some days we are so exciting I can barely stand it.

The day has somehow gotten away from me.  It’s flown by…which is a good thing.  But I have to get at least one more tax return done before I leave in an hour and a half.  So I best get back to work.  I hope everyone’s day is going just as quickly!  Happy Monday!

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