I’m stealing Champagne Friday…

Good morning, everyone!  It’s FRIDAY!!!!  I’m very much looking forward to this evening and this weekend.  J and I have been working like crazy and our schedules have been opposite…I’ve been leaving the house at 6am (while he’s still sleeping) and getting home at 6:30pm and he’s been leaving around 9:30am and getting home after 11pm (when I’m already asleep) most nights.  I haven’t even seen him for the last two days…not while he was awake, anyway.  So I’m definitely looking forward to some nice down time with him this weekend. 

Every week, we talk about doing a date night, but we haven’t managed to actually have one since the beginning of the year.  In fact, the last time we actually left the house together to do something other than look at houses was on New Year’s Eve when we went to my brother’s wedding.  Tax season is kicking our asses this year.  Seriously. 

Well, that ends tonight.  I miss my boyfriend and I’m starting to forget what he looks like.  So tonight we are both going home at a reasonable hour.  I’m going to have a lot of caffeine today so I can manage to stay away later than 9pm and we are going to have a date, dammit!!!

We aren’t going out…that is just way to much for us this week.  We are going to take a page from Ally and Neal’s book and have a private little Champagne Friday celebration.  We are going to order Chinese food and drink the bottle of Veuve Cliquot that we’ve been “saving”…for what, I have no idea.   We are going to play a few games of drunken backgammon and watch Men Who Stare At Goats…which I heard was terrible, but we’ll see.  It’s an ambitious plan, but I’m determined for us to spend some time together while we are actually awake.

The rest of the weekend I plan to spend in my pajamas, lying around the house.  Again, it’s ambitious…but I think I can pull it off.

What is everyone else doing this weekend?


  1. That sounds like a pretty good plan. This has been a super long work week for some reason.

  2. Oooh, Grand Theft Bubbly? Awesome.

    Sounds like a weekend in jammies is just what the doctor ordered for me too…..can’t wait! Hope you enjoy it thoroughly, especially after all the crazy tax season pollen that’s been in the air:)


  3. I have absolutely nothing planned this weekend. It’s exciting!

  4. Your plans sound absolutely wonderful! We have a party to go to tomorrow, and I no longer want to go. I’d much rather just stay home and laze around–maybe take a nap or two. We’ll see how it pans out.

  5. yay! good for you! we also have champagne to drink tonight and we’re going out for dessert. have fun!

  6. Enjoy your night – it sounds great!

    Also – your act of kindness to Allyson (at M&M) totally rocked! How very thoughtful of you!

  7. That sounds like an awesome weekend 😀 I’ve been packing for a holiday (Faroe Islands!) and cooking. Tomorrow, editing.

  8. your plan for staying in sounds far better than the production of actually leaving the house. i love date night’s in with the husband! hope you two had a great time!

  9. So, I kinda know how this all went down on Friday night. I’ll be anxious to see how J liked his Ginger Ale or whether you caved and waited until he got home. 😉

    And yes it was 73 degrees yesterday, but we stayed inside in our PJ’s all day because I seem to have ManCold Version 2.0, which didn’t start until yesterday afternoon, thank goodness..which did not affect my champagne drinking at ALL on Friday night! I blame it on the wildly varying degree temperatures and not taking my allergy pill. Anyway, it’s raining now and I know we aren’t missing out on anything. So, I’m going to watch a little more “LoveBoat” on Netflix (because somehow this was just ever so slightly before me and I missed out on the awesome) and then post my pictures from Friday night. I am still working on a master plan for the empty champagne bottle. Y’know you just can’t throw that away….I can make it into a lamp or SOMETHING.”

    Oh and we watch “Julie and Julia” this afternoon. *le sigh* I just LOVE that movie…

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