Random musings (Part 2)…

I have a half written post that I’ve wanted to finish all week and I just haven’t been able to muster the brain power to finish it.  So, my lovelies, today you are going to get a bunch of random stuff that’s been floating through my head all morning…

  • A man got on the bus this morning and didn’t have enough money on his Metro Card to pay the entire bus fare, so he had to make up the different in coins.  He asked the bus driver if the fare machine would accept Canadian coins.  To me, that would be a reasonable request…if we were in Buffalo or the Niagara Falls area or some other town that borders Canada.  But we are not.  It would also be a reasonable request if this man was a Canadian visiting our fair city.  However, he’s not.  He lived in my town.  I know this because I used to live next door to him before we bought our house.  PS – the fare machine didn’t recognize the coins and spit them out. 
  • I admit that I had to go to Google Maps to make sure that Buffalo actually bordered Canada.  Geography is not my forte.
  • Not long after I met J we had a conversation about geography and I explained it was not my forte.  He made a joke about drinking a forty and pimps.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate well into written form, but it was hilarious at the time and I knew then that he was the guy for me. 
  • J and I quote movies all the time.  Again, not long after we met, we were out with some friends and he made a joke about another guy dating many girls in the Niagara Falls area.  That is when I fell in love. 
  • As I was drifting off to sleep on the bus this morning, I realized that in 40 Year Old Virgin, the kid in the eBay store that wants to buy the boots with the goldfish is Jonah Hill.  I don’t know why I never realized that before or what on Earth made me think of it this morning.
  • One of my friends is in the middle of something that could be a plot from Desperate Housewives.  She often has her kids with her and when they are she can’t talk on the phone.  So she has been sending me cryptic text messages to alert me to developments in the situation.  The messages are KILLING me!  I need the whole story and all the details and I need them now!

That’s been my morning so far.  Not exciting, I know.  But at least today I can form proper sentences. 

I do have something exciting to share…look what I got in the mail last night…

I received a gorgeous bracelet and earring set that I ordered from Allyson at Magnolias and Mimosas.  If you don’t know her, go check out her blog because she’s awesome and fabulous and reading her blog makes people happy.  You should also check out her Etsy store, Daisy and Elm, where you can find more of her beautiful creations.  The pictures don’t do this jewelry justice.  It’s really just so pretty and it’s very affordable.  Go buy some…wearing it makes people happy too.

Ok, enough screwing around on the blog.  I have to get back to the taxes.  I hope everyone is having a happy Thursday.


  1. I HATE cryptic text messages! They’re so killer!

  2. Good lord I have to order from her store. She is so creative and talented and her jewelry is so gorgeous. :)

    She must have been busy at the post office because I actually got a very sweet package from her yesterday too. (Must blog about this.)

    I didn’t know that was Jonah Hill!! See? Your random bus thoughts brought knowledge to other people!

  3. I heard that you got a special delivery from her too. It’s because she’s awesome!

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