A dirty little secret…

I am having an affair…with Mr. Louis Vuitton.  It’s shameful, I know, but he just makes me so happy.  It’s not even rational, but I just can’t help myself.  I catch one glimpse of him and I get goosebumps.  It’s not some cheap, tawdry one-night stand either.  It’s been a really long-term thing.  I know he’s bad for me and I did manage to quit him cold turkey a few years ago, but it was so hard.  I would see him with other girls and I would get soooo jealous.  I’ve tried to stay away…tried to replace him in my heart… but I just can’t do it anymore.  No one else is quite the same as my Louis…

I wish I were kidding, but I’m not.  I have a serious addiction…to designer handbags in general and to Louis Vuitton specifically.  It’s my mother’s fault.  She bought me my very first Louis at the age of 18.  Ever since, I just can’t get enough.  J thinks I’m crazy.  He bought me one for Christmas a few years ago and when I opened it and he realized that it was so expensive and it wasn’t even leather he about fell over. 

After J bought me that bag for Christmas, I decided to give my Louis habit a break.  It’s really tough because I walk by the store every night on my way home and the bags…they call to me.  They say, “Aren’t we so gorgeous and pretty and classic?  Don’t you just want to take us home to live with you?”  I’ve been ignoring these calls.  I even managed to walk away from the counter when I was temporarily distracted by a particularly gorgeous, new style in Bloomingdales one day. 

But now I have spring fever and I need a new bag.  But I don’t want just any bag.  I want the hot pink patent leather satchel.  I decided to join Bag, Borrow or Steal (which is now called Avelle) so I can indulge my desire in a more responsible way.  Right now I’m on the wait list, but soon I will be strutting all over Manhattan with my sexy little bag, making all the other girls jealous of me. 

I can’t wait!


  1. I feel this EXACT same way about Coach. I have my hot pink one now that I carry EVERYWHERE. But the patent leather is so hot and they just came out with a Coach pink patent leather. I’m all drooly. But y’know…now I’m on an extra tight budget, so there goes that. I wonder why Bag, Borrow or Steal changed their name?? That’s such a random one that they chose, too. I would never be able to remember it.

    Well I can’t WAIT to see you two together. You really do make a nice couple. I’m sure J won’t mind being a 3rd wheel for a couple of weeks. It’s really all about what makes you happy. 😉

    • I tried to go pink paten leather Coach, since my boyfriend Louis is wait listed. However, the Coach was also gone. I ended up choosing a great Kate Spade animal print with a big bow on the front. I can see my love affair with BBOS is just beginning…

  2. I’m so shameful – I’m just not into the designer bags. My current every day purse is from Etsy. And I totally love it =-)

  3. i have never spoiled myself with a really nice bag, though i ALWAYS drool when i spot one. i’ve considered becoming a member of bag, borrow, or steal but i feel as though i wouldn’t be able to part with them and then i’d just prefer to buy one new. i’ve never known anyone to try it though–so you recommend??

    i’m glad to hear that J is very understanding of your other love interest :)

    • I have a friend who’s been a member for a while. She loves it. I’ll definitely let you know when it arrives, but it’s a great concept and I had a ball choosing from all the bags that I’d otherwise be unable to afford. I do recommend you spoil yourself with at least one really great non-rented bag though. Just make sure you choose a classic style that you really love.

  4. You sound like me with Kate Spade. :)
    It has been way too long since I treated myself to a new bag!

    • I actually ordered a Kate Spade from BBOS this morning, because the Louis is waitlisted. So cute – animal print with a big bow on the front. I can’t wait until it arrives…

  5. bag borrow and steal- smart idea!

  6. I don’t deserve a Louis or Coach (although I do own a KS). I beat the hell outta my bags and I’m pretty sure I’m on a list somewhere, so they know to stay away from me. (As long as they don’t run me out of town and put up warning posters of me, I’ll be ok)

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