The aftermath…

Well, it finally stopped raining yesterday and we were able to go outside and survey the damage.  It was better and worse than what I thought when I was posting on Saturday night.

First…the roof.  It wasn’t totally gone.  Some of the slats were still attached…they were just bent and twisted up against the house.  J managed to pull them back down and tie them back to the main support.  It doesn’t look pretty, but it will do until we can get it repaired properly.  This is what it looks like now…

This is a view from the backyard looking up.

All those slats used to be nice and straight and now they are bent and twisted all to hell.

J was actually really calm about the porch.  It’s sort of a death trap and we were planning on tearing it down and rebuilding it this spring anyway.  Now that the roof is being held on with some string, it will be easier to take down.  I love when J looks on the bright side…because, let me tell you, I wasn’t.

Ok, next issue…the tree.  The trees in our yard were never properly maintained and are now totally overgrown.  We worry constantly that one of them is going to fall on the house.  J keeps telling me he wants to climb the trees and cut them down from the top – at least to a point where they are no longer a danger to the house.  Since J is an accountant and not a logger, this is behavior I discourage.  I don’t like the idea of him climbing a tree while holding a chainsaw.  I think I’m going to lose that battle this year because one of the trees, a pine with two trunks, split down the middle during the storm and we discovered that it has carpenter ants and is mostly hollow inside. 

So the tree split and the top fell into another tree, intermingling the branches.  We devised a plan to be able to cut the trunk free and pull it out of the other tree without causing damage to the other tree, our fence, our neighbor’s fence or ourselves.  J climbed up on a ladder with the chainsaw and started cutting.  It went ok for the first 10 minutes and then it sucked.  Amazingly…for a tree that is hollow in the middle, the broken part really didn’t want to come down.  We cut away where the tree had split but was still hanging on and we freed the trunk totally.  The damn thing didn’t budge!  He had rope tied around it and we were both pulling on it with all our weight…nothing.  J looks at me and says “I have an idea.  I’m just warning ou that it’s going to end badly.”  I was afraid to ask.

He put the ladder up against the tree and started climbing.  The plan was for him to put his weight on the tree causing it to fall.  Where it would have ended badly was the part where he fell onto the tree along with the ladder.  This plan did not get my approval, but that didn’t stop him.  Luckily, it didn’t work.  What did ultimately work was J cutting away a portion of the trunk that was leaning on the ground.  Gravity did the rest.  Here is the tree once we got it down…


That was the big damage.  Everything else was minor…the garbage can ended up at the neighbor’s, a gutter downspout came loose, a few windows leaked.  By the end of the day we were totally exhausted from cleaning everything up.  But it could have been worse.  My cousin has no power and won’t for at least three more days.  Her neighbor’s had a tree fall on their roof and now they have 10 separate holes in the roof and a ton of water damage.  So I’m going to consider us lucky that it wasn’t worse and that we were able to get it cleaned up in a day. 

Anyone else have any crazy weather this weekend?


  1. Sounds like we had similar weekends. At least something new and exciting will come out of it, if you can make it through the downtime 😉

  2. We had a mighty wind storm, but nothing compared to yours. Our only damage was a piece of facia on the front of the house being blown off. So sorry to hear of your damage…glad that you both lived through the tree cutting clean-up….geeesh!

    BTW…can’t wait to see the pics of the new porch:)

  3. Wow I had no idea you guys were getting so nailed by this storm! We had a lot of rain here and some flooding, but nothing as bad as that. I’m really glad J didn’t hurt himself. He needs to leave the logging up to the professionals. :)

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