There’s no place like home…

I’m sitting here clicking my heels together and repeating “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”, but it doesn’t seem to be working.  It’s still a monsoon outside.

We are having a crazy storm here and it’s been raining and super windy all day.  There are tons of branches down in the backyard and we have at least two windows leaking in the house.  A few minutes ago I heard a really loud crash and then some banging.  I checked all over and couldn’t find anything.  We have a screened porch off the living room and I went out there to turn on the backyard lights, thinking that maybe a tree limb had fallen.  Much to my surprise, instead of a tree limb, I discovered that the back porch no longer had a roof!!!!  That’s right…the roof is now just a bunch of aluminum slats sitting on the back lawn and the back porch is now much more airy!

I’m totally freaking out because J is not home.  No, my darling boyfriend is a volunteer firefighter and he decided that it was much more important for him to go off and help other people tonight than to stay here with me and the girls.  Now, normally, this type of selfless behavior makes me very proud of him, but on nights like this, when I feel like I’m about to get whisked off to Oz, I’d really prefer him to be home with me.

J actually just called and we are on the phone right now.  He can’t even find a road to take that doesn’t have a tree blocking it.  This weather is a nightmare…every weekend we either have torrential downpours, two feet of snow or 40 mile per hour winds.  It’s crazy.  I want to move somewhere with no weather.

Any suggestions???


  1. Yea, I’m about finished with this winter. Life in the northeast is just not fun this time of year. I have a skylight in my living room and I keep expecting it to open up and flood the whole apartment. I left once to grab a bagel and my cute rain boots sprang a leak. But that does not compare with having a missing roof over your porch! That’s crazy… hope your bf returns home safely!

  2. Haha…no weather huh? I never hear much about New Mexico. Except maybe it’s dry. That’d be my best guess here in the states. :)
    But, OMG…your roof! I thought it was bad when 1/2 of our frontal facia ripped off yesterday. I don’t know what I’d do w/out a roof….my heart goes out to you. Thank goodness it was only the porch….if that’s anything to be grateful for.

    Now…just to be sure…you did have your ruby slippers on when you were clicking, right? It just doesn’t work without them.

  3. For real, I heard about some place in the Caribbean that has like 360 days of nice weather per year. It’s somehow outside the jet streams! You should move there! :)

  4. Did you know that St. Lucia’s temperatures vary between 75 and 85 everyday of the year? And they never get hit with hurricanes. Yes, I am SOO ready for paradise. We didn’t get hit with the intensity of storms that you all go this weekend….just a bunch of thunder and rain all weekend. BLEH. But I have waterproof boots, so I’m ready! This whole patio losing the roof thing has only happened to me once, when I was about 10 and we came home to a roofless patio. It was the only time I heard my mother cuss (until I was about 25). I’m sure you probably said some naughty words, too. 😉

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