I never said I was a gourmet chef…

J was starving when he got home last night and was rooting through the cabinets for something to eat.  I was very busy preparing a lovely baked ziti for dinner, but he didn’t want to wait.  He found a box of frozen pigs in a blanket and his face lit up.  This conversation followed the discovery:

J:  Can I have these???
Me:  No, those are for tomorrow.
J:  Tomorrow?
Me:  Yes, we are having macaroni and cheese with pigs in a blanket.
J:  Wow, you are really pulling out all the stops with this cooking thing, huh?
Me:  It can’t be gourmet every night. 
J:  How about just one night?
Me:  Ha ha.

We have been eating a lot of takeout and a few weeks ago I promised I would cook more.  I just never promised I’d cook well! 

I love to bake, but cooking is entirely different and something that I’m spectacularly bad at.  However, watching the movie Julie & Julia made me want to run into the kitchen, throw on an apron, high heels and pearls and whip up fabulous gourmet creations.  I too was going to be able to cook like Julia Child.  For about five minutes I actually believed that.  Then I remembered that I would have to do things like de-bone a duck and cook a live lobster…I mean, I don’t even really like lobster…I certainly don’t like it enough to drop it, screaming, into a pot of boiling water while watching it die. 

I also remembered that J is an extremely picky eater and won’t eat anything green or anything even slightly exotic.  As much as he mocks, macaroni and cheese and pigs in a blanket are right up his alley.  So I accept the fact that I’m not a gourmet chef and I will happily go home tonight and eat my mac and cheese with a big smile.


  1. I try not to cook stuff that involves de-boning or cooking something that is not yet dead. Baked ziti seems like a gourment enough meal though.

  2. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving comments on my SITS day! I was certain I would be cooking in heels & pearls too after seeing Julie & Julia (but mostly I wanted to be in Paris…)

  3. Hahaha! I loved that…’It can’t be gourmet every night’-‘How about one night?’ Seriously, you two are a hoot!
    I love to cook and it really shows. Hubs and I are not exactly twice the size as 14 yrs. ago…but several sizes larger. We eat well, that’s for sure. I am THANKFUL that I don’t bake. We’d be ginormous!
    Oh, and I’d never be able to boil a lobster…If I brought one home, I’d end up filling the tub and we’d have a new pet:)

  4. In my house I am the picky eater so it makes it hard to cook. We’re trying some new things though!

  5. Hi, just stopping by from SITS have a great day!
    My kids would love that meal!

  6. You are too funny! Baking was all I did for a LONG time. But then I decided to start taking chances. The more I did, the more confident I became. I nolonger fear a new recipe, I embrace it. But I totally get where you are coming from! I try to keep things simple when it comes to cooking. If you get brave, try some of my recipes out. Most of them are super simple, quick and also good for you!

    Stoppin’ by from SITS!

  7. Best wishes on your cooking journey! I’m a better baker than a cook as well :)

  8. i find it’s helpful to get cookbooks that stress “EASY” and “QUICK” recipes. i get scared off by recipes with more than 6 steps. sometimes i have the food channel on in the background in the hopes that some of the tips will seep into my memory and i can whip up a meal lickety-split with some of the helpful time-saving tips i’ve learned.

    that’s not usually the case, and i go for my tried-and-true recipes, but well, we do what we can.

    and working a full day and then coming home to put on pearls and an apron doesn’t happen for me either :)

  9. I, like you like to bake and not so much cook meals. We eat out an awful lot and try to pick ‘healthy’ fast food but in reality that does not exist. I am lucky that hubby likes to cook and most nights when we do eat in he does the cooking and I do the cleaning up.

    I have only cooked with previously frozen lobster and therefore have not had to deal with the squeeling.

  10. i have not been cooking at all lately because my work is slowly killing me one day at a time…but when i do cook, i always give manfriend options, and he always chooses the stuff that a ten year old boy would choose. he wants mac and cheese, pizza, pillsbury rolls, hamburgers, etc…easy for me to make, also easy for me to pack on the pounds!

    but i loooove allrecipes.com- that is about as gourmet as we get around my house :)

  11. I think that all of the companies who make sundried tomatoes and bone-in chicken should write a personal letter thanking the producers of “Julie and Julia” because they are singlehandedly responsible for all of us rushing out to Kroger and stocking up on au jus and shittake mushrooms and live lobsters. I was so inspired by that movie (after all, she worked a full 8 hour day and then came home and put together gourmet meals…I can TOTALLY do that) that I spent our entire weekly grocery budget on feta and spinach and pine nuts. And then it was all downhill from there…starting with the frozen french fries and ending with eating Nutella straight out of the jar. The one thing that seems to be working is sitting down on Sunday and making out a menu and then grocery shopping for everything that I need for the week. But by Thursday, I’m still pretty much done and end up picking up a pizza on the way home. It’s like asking a computer programmer to knit a scarf everyday. Exhausting. You have all my R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

  12. I would happily eat your mac n cheese and pigs in a blanket! I still think you could wear pearls to serve it.

    Thank you for visiting on my SITs day.

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