Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

It’s snowing again.  Everything had just melted and I was finally able to walk down my driveway without slipping and sliding.  Yesterday I actually wore ballet flats outside instead of boots and for a little while I was even outdoors without a jacket.  Then I woke up to two inches of snow.  Apparently, Mother Nature felt I wasn’t really ready for spring. 

The truth is, winter is my second favorite season (fall is my favorite).  I like snow and cold weather.  I know that makes me a freak, but I get horrible allergies in the spring and I hate being hot and the humidity in summer does horrendous things to my hair.  Plus, I’ve always like cold weather fashions…sweaters and tights and hats…so many opportunities to accessorize!  It was so pretty to see all the snow-covered trees in Central Park this morning as I walked to work.  It made me really happy.

I had the day off yesterday and it was lovely…I cleaned the house, hung out with the dogs and went grocery shopping.  I could use a few more of those days…like, 4 or 5 more.  We are talking about taking a trip to Aruba in April and I can’t wait.  We haven’t gone away on vacation in about 4 years, so it’s long overdue.  I’m getting my passport renewed this week. 

I had a bunch of pictures I wanted to post of my crazy giant box of candy…but I left my camera home, so those pics will have to wait until later tonight. 

I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  If you live in NY and are dealing with this crazy weather, stay warm!


  1. Ooohhhh, Aruba sounds wonderful right about now. Can’t wait for you! We’re dealing with snow here in Ohio too. Just cancelled my class tonight for the second week in a row ~ I hate that! It never got warm here, though. I’ve been wearing my waterproof boots that come up to my knees for what seems like a month! Enjoy your day! It is what it is, huh?

  2. Yay for going on trips! I’m going to Mexico next month and CANNOT WAIT!

  3. i’m sorry you got more snow! i love winter- but i am over it. a few big snow storms and i lose that snow-lovin’ feeling.
    i heart fall too- but thats because turkey day is my fave holiday. and fall fashion rocks.

  4. They predicted 4 inches of snow for where I live…. It has been snowing since 8pm last night! 4 inches MY BUTT!

    I have shoveled at least 6 inches since this morning when my husband left for work!

    Stoppin’ by from SITS!

  5. Kate@And Then I Was a Mom says:

    Enough with the snow, at least here in MA. But snow in Central Park? Sure, I could see that being pretty. :-)

  6. Ahh…I’m trying to picture my snow-covered trees in Central Park. Yeah, I bet they’d be prettier.
    That’s the thing about winter, I do think it’s beautiful to look at. I’m just a huge cold-puss and the driving makes me crazy. One little slush or ice patch and whoopdeedoo, I’m having a mini-stroke. That’s the worst feeling…feeling your car going out of control and hoping you don’t hit anybody or anything.

    Aruba sounds fantastic! And OMG, April is right around the corner. You’ll be there before you know it.

  7. Oh I hope you get your vacation! Aruba sounds wonderful! 4 years is a long time to go without a nice break like that!

    I wore ballet flats today actually and as I was sitting at my desk, I noticed that snow started to fall outside. Serves me right for putting away my boots for the day. :)

    I like winter too, but it’s been a bit much for me this year.

  8. Aruba would be so fun! I hope you can go! Fall and Spring are my two favorite season :)

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