I used to have a lot of delusions about love.  I always thought that love was all perfect and sunshine and roses.  Then someone told me that some days she loved her husband more than she thought possible, but other days she wanted to kill him.  I did not understand that…because at the time J and I were all newly in love.

Here we are 9 years later and I totally get it.  Real life and real relationships are messy.  Nothing is ever perfect…ever.  That’s just the way it is. 

J will go get the car in the rain while I wait at the train station so I don’t have to get wet and he will put an extra blanket on me when I’m sleeping if it’s cold.  He’ll take out the recycling in the middle of the night so I won’t have to do it in the morning.  He also leaves his jeans hanging on the back of the dining room chairs and he always  leaves the toilet seat up.   There is definitely more good than bad.

We have had a bit of a rough road, but we’ve made it though together.  This is not the life I ever thought I was going to have.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. 

I love you, J!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.


  1. So, so true, and such a sweet post for your J! Valentines Day is just one day of the year, but your J is with you 365 of those days. Keep enjoying the simple things. The random moments of our lives are the best and the present is all we really have. Happy Valentines Day Shana and J, and thank you for your presence in my life.


  2. Awww I hope he reads this! You guys sound like such a sweet couple. Real life isn’t all rosy every minute of every day (yes I know that even before I’m married!) but it’s all about finding that partner in crime to share life adventures with.

    I hope you guys had an amazing day! xo

  3. Definitely true. I have friends that will say, “Oh you and Dustin have the PERFECT relationship.” Um. No. Sometimes I miss being that naive about things but I wouldn’t give up this for anything.

  4. Yes, so true. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything…good/bad & in between, at the end of the day- I’m happy. And my hubs is lucky! LMAO, I jest.

  5. That is a sweet post. I was a little delusional about love too when I was younger. I never would have thought (when I was younger) that the best part of Valentine’s weekend would be my husband cleaning the shower.

  6. Ha, well that sounds like a realistic love, and it sounds way better than some of that Disney mess!

  7. This is so true. And it’s beautiful you posted this to thank J for the things that he does. I think that as you grow old together you really learn to value certain things about your partner. When you know all the good and bad habits, it’s refreshing that there are still things that can surprise us. It’s important never to lose sight of what we have and I’m sure he appreciates the fact that you notice the nuances: from the extra blankets to taking out the garbage.

    I wish you many, many happy years together :)

  8. Awwww I love this. :-) I feel the same…so much more good than bad. Whenever I am focusing too much on his shortfalls, I just sit back and think of the laundry list of my own. Love is a journey…one that I’m happy to be on.

    Lovely post. Happy late Valentine’s Day! :)


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