I want candy…

J thinks Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday, created by Hallmark to get us all to spend money on unneccessary garbage.  I agree.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want candy…and flowers…and sweet, sappy cards from J declaring his undying love for me.

I don’t go overboard, but I always get him a card and some kind of a small gift and he usually does the same.  Last year, he didn’t even get me a card.  And he dragged me around to Home Depot and Sears all day.  If I remember correctly, I got really upset and cried and yelled at him about a lack of respect for my feelings.  It was a total overreaction, but I was really stressed at the time.

Anyway, this year he was determined not to have a repeat of last year.  I came home from work yesterday to  find the biggest Russell Stover red foil heart (my favorite…Nanny and I used to share one every V-day) that I’ve ever seen.  The sucker has 4 pounds of chocolate in it and it’s like 2 feet wide.  It’s absolutely over the top and ridiculous…and I totally love it!!! 

J put the box up on top of a bookshelf, so I can’t reach it…I’m not allowed to open it until the 14th.  He also bought himself a box of the caramels he likes and told me that I’m not allowed to touch them. 

We were supposed to go out to dinner tonight, but J called me at work earlier and told me he was going to have to work late.  The following conversation ensued:

J: I’m sorry about cancelling. 
Me: It’s ok…you have to work.
J: What are you going to do for dinner?
Me: I’m going to eat your candy.
J: Dude, don’t do that…that’s so mean.
Me: Too bad.
J: I’m going to be watching you.  (*We have a pet cam so we can watch the dogs while we work.)
Me: Yeah, you are going to watch me eating your candy.

I didn’t actually eat it…well, I ate one.  I hid the rest and left the empty box on top of the fridge.  We are children sometimes, but we amuse each other!

Oh and I was telling my grandfather about the giant box of candy and he wanted to know if there was an engagement ring in the middle.  I told him that I doubted it and his response was “Tell him to get on that already…jeez!  Can’t he just go to Kay?”  He’s never said anything about that before, but I guess he thinks after 9 years enough is enough!


  1. Seriously…LMAO @ ‘Yeah, you are going to watch me eating your candy. Hysterial!

    Hubs and I are hit and miss when it comes to Vday. If it falls on a weekend, we are more apt to ‘celebrate’. Once in awhile he melts my heart w/a present and/or card. But, you know something? He has never gotten me candy. WTF? I want some candy! I think since Vday falls on a Sunday this year, that calls for some chocolate…I must remember to tell him this:)

  2. Stopping by from SITS

    Okay- I would have so totally hidden his candy too.
    But this is coming from a girl who threw away a 5 lb box of
    Godiva Chocolates 9 years later having eaten none of it.
    It was just too pretty to eat!

    Don’t you need some new earrings or a bracelet? A little trip to the jewelry store with a side trip to the enegagement ring counter sounds like a fun activity for the weekend to me!

  3. Wow 9 years!? That’s awesome. :) Your grandfather is hilarious. (Can’t he just go to Kay??)

    That convo sounds so much like one M and I would have. I’d love to hear his reaction when he came home to all the chocolates gone!

  4. I just want some damn (non-ugly) flowers! Is it so much to ask that a handsome stranger, preferably with an Irish accent, comes to my door with a bouquet of irises and a Hawaiian-style pizza?


  5. “Can’t he just go to Kay?” Hahaha! That’s AWESOME! I totally giggled out loud reading that.

  6. Ooohhh…. I LOVE caramels!! Enjoy!

  7. Shana,
    You are so funny. I would like to be a fly on the wall listening to your conversations sometime. Our Vdays fluctuate too. Sometimes we make dinner together, sometimes gifts. Doesn’t really matter to me either.
    So, any talks of marriage at all? Just wondering. J & I just married last year after 6 1/2 years together and the whole ordeal was very low key, just like us.
    Enjoy your weekend!

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