My little baby is one today…

My dogs are totally awesome.  I think I might have mentioned that before…I tend to mention is a lot.  Because they are awesome.  They are cute and funny and smart and crazy.  They make me laugh and give me kisses and snuggle with me and try to steal my food.  J and I often say that they are the best decisions we ever made.

We got Sadie first, before we lived together and when J stilled lived in the city.  Things were fine then because J could go home at lunch and hang with her and his commute was really short, so he was home early every night.  She wasn’t really alone that much.

Then we moved to the ‘burbs and things changed.  No more lunches at home, long commutes and other obligations kept us out of the house for more hours every day.  Sadie was lonely and sometime a little destructive.  So J decided he wanted another dog.  I was totally against the idea, as I felt that one dog was enough.  But then one day he tricked me.

He dragged me NJ one day under false pretenses and when we got there I discovered it was an adoption event.  That’s where we found Sofie.  I tried really hard to resist, but how can you possibly resist a face like this?

I couldn’t and we ended up taking her home that day.

Her first meeting with Sadie could have gone better.  Sadie was not excited to have a sister.  She had no idea what Sofie was…other than a little brat with whom she was going to have to share her mommy and daddy’s attention…and her bed.  It was not good. 

What is this thing, Daddy?

And WHY is it on MY bed???

Luckily the girlies finally started to get along.  Sadie loves her sister and now they are best friends.

Sofie is the one with the white patch.

Sadie shares a special bond with her Daddy because she lived with him first.  But Sofie is all about Mommy.  She’s been my little baby since the day she came home.  And today my little baby turns one!  I can’t believe she’s not my little girl any more. 

She has a thousand nicknames: Sofielicious, Sofie Little, Moose, Moose-alini, Bubba, Mama, Diddle…basically, whatever J can come up with.  She loves her toys and often puts three in her mouth at once.  When she climbs into bed between us at night she snuggles up to me as close as she can possibly get.  She’s afraid of toys with squeakers.  She dreams all the time and often wags her tail when she’s sound asleep.  She gets so excited to eat dinner that she hops into the room like a bunny.  She gets so excited when people come over that she pees a little…which is funny and gross all at the same time.  She thinks she’s a lap dog but she weighs 60 pounds.

I adore my girlies.  They are definitely the best decisions I ever made!

Happy Birthday Sofie!


  1. AWWWWWWWWW!!!! That picture of the two of them together is SO CUTE! Happy birthday, Sofie!!

    Are they lab mixes? Sofie looks extremely similar to my mom’s dog Raven, who is the sweetest girl in the world.

    • Sadie is a purebred lab – or at least that’s what we were told since she came from a rescue. We don’t know about Sofie. She also came from a rescue and she was born in a shelter. Her mom was a chocolate lab, but we have no idea about her father. The vet said they think she is some kind of terrier mix.

  2. They are sooooo cute! Stopping by from SITS!

  3. Moose-alini — LOL I love it!

    She’s absolutely beyond cuteness!!! Happy birthday, Sofie!!!


  4. Happy Birthday Sofie!! Wondeful pics of the pups!

  5. Happy Birthday Sofie. They are both so cute! We have two too! I’ll have to write a post sometime, because watching two dogs behave together is really a funny thing. And its amazing to watch the love!

  6. Happy Birthday to your baby!! So cute!

  7. Happy belated birthday Sofie

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