A little help up here, please…

So I am afraid to go into the attic.  In the two years that we have lived here, I’ve only been up there three times and on all three occasions, I was dragged up against my will. 

It’s not the attic, itself that I have a problem with.  I actually love the attic – it’s huge, with high ceilings and it’s quiet and peaceful.  My problem is a combination of a fear of heights, a lack of coordination and a rickety attic ladder.  The thing is…I’m clumsy.  If there is a way for me to fall or trip or injure myself somehow, I will find it.  And my fear of heights is more of a fear of falling from high places.  

Generally, I can get up into the attic without too much of a fuss.  The real trouble comes when it’s time to get down.  There’s a little twist and climb maneuver that scares the hell out of me.  The first time I had to do it I sat at the top of the ladder and J spent ten minutes trying to coax me down. 

This week, I had a long list of things to accomplish and J was out every night, taking a class for work.  I did every single thing I could possibly do that didn’t require a trip to the attic, but it finally came time to take down the Christmas decorations and I trip to the attic became unavoidable.

I needed to get the ornament storage boxes down, so I pulled the ladder down and held my breath and started climbing.  Luckily, when J put them up there early in December, he put them right next to the opening, so I didn’t actually have to go all the way up.  What I did have to do, however, was carry heavy, bulky boxes backwards down the ladder.  It was a scary twenty minutes, but I got all the boxes down and I de-Christmased my house. 

Unfortunately, the full ornament boxes were too heavy to put them back up alone.  But I did have some wreaths and garlands from outside that were light and I couldn’t justify not putting them away.  So up I went, all the way into the attic.  I put my outdoor decorations away – neatly organized in the corner.  Then I had to get down.  I was alone in the house, so there would be no one to catch me if I fell.  I will admit, there was a two-minute hesitation where I considered staying up there until J came home.  Then I realized that would be two more hours, so I sucked it up and…SLOWLY…did my little twist and climb.  I was holding on to the ladder railing so tightly that I gave myself a splinter.  Otherwise, I made it up and down without incident.  I was so proud of myself…I know, I’m such a loser!

I did manage to complete most of the items on my to-do list this week.  The house is clean, the coupons are sorted, the calendar is updated and all the cards are ready for everything happening through March.  I cleaned out my closet and put away all my Christmas presents.  All the decorations are packed away, but the boxes are still sitting in the living room, waiting to go to the attic.  I’ve unpacked everything that I could, but J is only half way done.  At least I got him to start!!!

I did start organizing my photos, but I’m not finished yet.  And the baking class is on hold.  I found out when I called to register that the class I wanted to take is on Fridays from 10 – 3.  That would require days off from work and now it’s just a bad time for that.  So it’s on hold until May. 

Overall, I think I did a good job this week.  Right now, I’m going to watch Jersey Shore…it’s like a car accident…I just can’t look away.  I’ll be back later with this week’s list.


  1. You do not sound like a loser at all. My mom’s old house had those rickety pull down steps to go up to their attic and I HATED them and wouldn’t go up there either. They just felt so unsafe when you stood on them!

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! Luckily you don’t have to go up there every day. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I think I could have written this. I was sweating right along with you… I have no problem going up ladders (most of the time and as long as I don’t look down), but going back down is a whole other story. Glad you were able to do it!!
    Stopping by from SITS to say hi!

  3. I have a fear of going down ladders as well. I avoided them like the plague when I worked in the field.

  4. This is amazing! I lack anything that even resembles coordination, hence why the house hasn’t been vacuumed since Dan felt well enough. Yes, yes I do manage to tangle myself into a mess with a simple 6 foot cord, thank you very much.


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