This is my sister in law…

So I have this reputation for being kind of a bitch.  The thing is, I’m really a nice person.  But sometime I can get a little over-protective of people and I can be a bit harsh. 

I’ve mentioned on here that my brother got married on New Year’s Eve.  Well, the wedding was filmed for a new wedding show that is going to be on TV and this spring.  They interviewed everyone and when it was my turn the producer said to me, “Marisa tells me she was totally nervous to meet you.  Why do you think that is?  And what did you think of her when you first met her?”  I had a pretty hard time figuring out how to answer those questions.

Ok, first question…she was nervous to meet me because I hated every other girl my brother ever dated and I wasn’t shy about letting them know that.  Did I really want to admit to being such a horrible bitch on national TV?  I mean, I didn’t just hate them for no reason.  I had a really good reason for each one.  For example, one girl really wanted to get married and she just seemed like the kind of girl who would end up pregnant “accidentally”.  I never trusted her.  I finally convinced him to break up with her and sure enough, two months later she got pregnant by someone else.  Another girl, upon hearing that my friend was studying for the bar exam, declared that she, too, wanted to be a bartender.  Um, no, sorry.  Then there was the girl who never wanted to leave the house…for my brother, the social butterfly???  Not happening.  Of course, how do you explain all of that in a 30 second answer?

The second question was tricky too.  See, the first time I met Marisa was at her mother’s wake.  She’d been dating my brother for a few months and she’d gotten close to my mother, but I’d still never met her.  My mom didn’t want to go to the wake alone, so I went with her.  It wasn’t exactly the ideal circumstances for a first meeting and the day of my interview was already an emotional day, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bring up her mother’s wake. 

In the end, I told  it straight…as I often do.  Marisa was nervous to meet me because she had heard I was a bitch and she didn’t want me to hate her.  And the first time I met her, she walked up to me and gave me a hug.  I expressed my condolences for the loss of her mother and then I complimented her shoes…the kind of adorable pointy-toed heels that I love, but always make my feet hurt, but that I wear anyway.  She responded with “They really make my feet hurt, but I love them, so I wear them anyway.”  I knew right away that we would be friends.

That was two years ago and in that time she has gone from being my friend to being my sister.  We like a lot of the same things…movies, shopping, eating out, Broadway shows, kitchen gadgets, Home Goods.  We can talk about anything and everything without any fear or judginess.  We just get each other.  We have the relationship that I’ve always dreamed of having with my brother’s wife. 

I also love the way that my brother and Marisa love each other.  When they are together, it’s like they are alone in the room.  He once told me that the thing he loves to do the most in the whole world is hang out with her.  I think that’s really special and I’m so happy that he found that kind of love. 

Their wedding was completely amazing…easily the best I’ve ever been to.  The flowers, the band, the linens, the lighting…all fabulous.  The screen coming down at midnight to show the ball drop…amazing.  The food and the cake and the desserts…soooo good.  The cigar lounge complete with Tony Santana, cigar roller extrordinaire…so cool.  But the best part was how happy everyone was to watch them get married.  It was truly a celebration of their amazing love.

A few pics:

Arent' they adorable?

The midnight celebration.

My beautiful mom...who just looked so gorgeous!

And finally…my favorite picture from the whole night…

Yup…that’s Marisa at 1am, finishing off the bottle of Cristal.  They had taken her glass away and she didn’t want to waste the rest of the bottle.  So she busted out the klassy and finished it.  I love this picture, because it’s so her.  Yes, she was dressed up and glamorous, but she wanted that champagne and she was going to have it.  She’s just real and never phony.  Just like my brother.

They are currently on a plane on their way home from Hawaii and I can’t wait to see them.  Maybe next time I post, I’ll be an aunt-to-be…


  1. YES! Your sister-in-law is clearly a girl I’d get along with. I love the photos. :) They make such an adorable couple!

    I’m so happy that you guys are such great friends. I’ve heard way too many horror stories about ending up with crap in-laws and it’s just nice to hear when everything works out!

    Keep us up to date as to when the show airs!

    (And I’m happy to see that SITS badge over there!—>)

  2. I love this post! With every post I read, I find you are more and more my kind of girl. And I think I would really dig your SIL too!

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