101 in 1001…Part 2…

Back in September of 2010, I wrote my first 101 in 1001 list.  For the 1001 days that followed, I periodically crossed things off that list…until May of 2013 rolled around and I realized I’d only finished about half the things on my list.  I counted it as a fail and started writing a new list.  It took me a while to put together that new list…partly because I’m a natural procrastinator, but also because I wanted to make sure I really had the time to finish it.  So I waited until I fully stepped away from my old job (it was a 6 month long transition) and I was fully settled in my new job.  September 1st seemed the perfect day to start and so I did.

Here is the new list…

  1. Go to Atlantic City
  2. Go to Disney World
  3. Go to Chicago
  4. Go to Boston
  5. Go to San Francisco
  6. Go to Nashville
  7. Travel somewhere by train
  8. Take a weeklong road trip alone
  9. Go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  10. Go to the Baseball Hall of Fame
  11. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  12. Attend a state fair
  13. Take a yoga class
  14. Study something entirely new
  15. Conquer a fear
  16. Write a novel
  17. Go to 5 museums I’ve never been to
  18. See 5 Broadway shows
  19. Got to 5 concerts
  20. Go to the ballet 3 times
  21. Go to the symphony
  22. Read 150 books
  23. Reread all the Judy Blume books
  24. Use my library card
  25. Learn all the state capitals
  26. Take a guitar lesson
  27. Get certified in CPR
  28. Cook my way through a cookbook
  29. Create a signature cupcake
  30. Put together a recipe book out of the random recipes in the kitchen
  31. Learn to cook ten dishes without a recipe
  32. Make a gingerbread house from scratch
  33. Learn to make jam
  34. Learn to bake bread from scratch
  35. Learn to make the perfect pie crust
  36. Crochet an afghan using the yarn in the closet
  37. Refinish a piece of furniture
  38. Use my sewing machine
  39. Create a monthly scrapbook every month for a year
  40. Make a calendar to give as a Christmas gift
  41. Sell something on Etsy
  42. Do one Pinterest project a week for a year
  43. Make a book to chronicle the completion of the items on the list
  44. Reach my goal weight
  45. Do the detox diet
  46. Exercise four times a week for a year
  47. Save $15,000
  48. Go one month without making a non-essential purchase
  49. Keep my financial records up to date for one full year
  50. Sell 5 things I don’t want
  51. Purchase a 1 year subscription to the lottery
  52. Create an emergency kit
  53. Write a will and advanced medical directive
  54. Put together a “life” binder of all essential information
  55. Take 48 pictures in 1 day – a day in my life
  56. Do a 365 day photo project
  57. Take a photography class
  58. Have a photoshoot done
  59. Do the NYC photo safari tour
  60. Enter a photography contest
  61. Find out my blood type and donate blood
  62. Leave a 100% tip in a restaurant
  63. Send flowers to someone for no reason
  64. Pay for a strangers meal at a drivethrough
  65. Volunteer my time
  66. Leave 100 Operation Beautiful notes
  67. Do another 31 days of giving
  68. Don’t complain about anything for one week
  69. Create a gratitude journal
  70. Pick a day to perform several random acts of kindness
  71. What the sunset and then the sunrise without going to bed
  72. Go to the movies alone 10 times
  73. Get a tattoo
  74. Buy myself a diamond ring
  75. Go snorkeling
  76. Take a walk in the rain
  77. Ride in a hot air balloon
  78. Color an entire coloring book
  79. Buy a completely impractical dress just because I love it
  80. Throw a party
  81. Go out dancing
  82. Celebrate Champagne Friday every week for 1 month
  83. Shoot a gun at a shooting range
  84. Attend a taping of a TV show
  85. Go bowling
  86. Carve a pumpkin
  87. Go to a drive in movie
  88. Fly a kite
  89. Take a Christmas lights tour
  90. Go ice skating
  91. Have a picnic
  92. Start a collection
  93. Start a new tradition
  94. Go skinny dipping
  95. Go apple picking
  96. Watch 250 movies I’ve never seen
  97. Binge watch 5 series I’ve been wanting to see
  98. Buy five pieces of original art
  99. Make a memory jar and maintain it for a year
  100. Send a postcard every week for a year
  101. Ride a horse

If you look at the old list you’ll see some of these have made a comeback.  Some are because I didn’t finish them the first time.  Some are because they were so fun the first time that I want to do them again.